Trans inmate convicted of murdering parents caught having sex with female prisoner in Washington

A Washington State man who identifies as a woman was caught having sexual relations with a female inmate in the facility where he’s serving time for the murder of his parents.

According to an incident report, 35-year-old Bryan Kim aka Amber FayeFox Kim was discovered engaging in a sexual act by a corrections officer at the Washington Corrections Center for Women (WCCW) during a routine check.

The report, which was first reported by the National Review, states that the guard looked into the cell and observed Kim and his 25-year-old female cellmate Sincer-A Marie Nerton on the floor and in the act at the medium security facility, which is nicknamed “Purdy.”

Kim was “laying on the floor completely nude from the waist down with their cellmate Nerton Sincer-A on top of them also nude from the waist down actively having sex,” the report stated.

“I/I [Incarcerated Individual] Kim’s hands were on I/I Nerton’s buttox in a spread open position while I/I Kim’s erect penis was penetrating I/I Nerton’s Vagina,” according to the report. “This is against MSU rules and policy. WAC-504-Engaging in a sex act with another person within the facility that is not otherwise included in these rules, except in an approved extended family visit.”

“Technically, there is no consensual sex between the incarcerated,” an unnamed DOC employee told the National Review, however, “Washington has been mitigating the sanctions on offenders involved.”

“If both offenders call it consensual, then they seem to be getting into less trouble,” he said.

Kim was convicted of two counts of aggravated first-degree murder in 2008 for the stabbing death of his father Richard Kim along with Terri Kim, his mother who was bludgeoned and strangled and had been transferred to the women’s prison in February 2021 under the Washington Department of Correction’s gender-inclusion policy.

Mr. and Mrs. Kim were murdered in their Mount Spokane home on Dec. 5, 2006  when they returned from work. Their son was “also was found guilty of second-degree possession of stolen property and second-degree theft for taking his father’s bank card and transferring $1,000 from his parents’ account to his the day after the murders,” according to the Spokane Spokesman-Review. He has been sentenced to life in prison.

Kim’s struggles as a transgender inmate were featured in a November 2023 article by the left-wing Huffington Post that seemed to imply that he was justified in slaughtering his parents.

“When Kim was 14, her father found women’s clothing in her bedroom. He called her into a room where he was cleaning his guns to discuss his discovery. It was the first time she felt he had implicitly threatened to kill her, she told the psychiatrist,” according to the HuffPo. “Kim became depressed, anxious and suicidal. She sometimes hid out in the woods for days and repeatedly tried to move out, but her parents blocked her each time. In December 2006, during her senior year of high school, she and her father got into a fight over her failed attempt to move out. At one point, she told the psychiatrist that her father told her, ‘You are my child and I will do with you what I please, and that includes putting you in the ground if I damn well please.’ It felt like a threat.”

“Kim fatally stabbed her father and killed her mother when she returned home. Kim, 18 at the time, was sentenced to die in prison. Her plans of coming out now seemed impossible,” the outlet wrote. “Throughout the country, transgender people are facing an assault on their right to exist.”

The Washington Corrections Center for Women told Fox News Digital that the facility “takes the safety of all individuals in our care and custody seriously,” adding, “There has not been a reported case of rape against an individual during this timeframe and if there was, it would be reported to law enforcement, likely resulting in a criminal case.”

The DOC told Fox News Digital that all people under its care are assessed on intake and “if they self-identify as transgender, intersex and/or gender non-binary, the policy provides detailed guidance on placement and programming.”

“DOC has developed this comprehensive housing assignment process to determine where an incarcerated individual is housed considering objective criteria that includes their gender identity,” the DOC statement added. “If a person identifies as transgender or non-binary, they participate in a thorough mental health assessment, healthcare assessment and facility evaluation.”

Chris Donaldson


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