‘Trash taking itself out’: Social media rejoices when CBS News announces pause on Twitter activity

CBS News is facing an incredible amount of derision and mockery for deciding to suspend its Twitter activities because of billionaire Elon Musk.

“In light of the uncertainty around Twitter, and out of an abundance of caution, CBS News is pausing its activity on the social media site as it continues to monitor the platform,” CBS News national correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti reported Friday.


As previously reported, ever since Musk officially took over Twitter and began making changes to the social media network, members of the media — as well as leftists in general — have been throwing an endless pity party.

They’ve been complaining specifically that Musk is somehow destroying Twitter by firing unwanted employees and changing its general policies.

Their big fear is that, because of an exodus of employees, Twitter will suddenly crash and stop working, thus jeopardizing their ability to conduct their “journalism.”

That being said, CBS News is reportedly the first major establishment media outlet to go so far as to suspend its activities on the platform.

It’s ironic, critics say, since the “fake news,” as they call CBS News, is taking itself out, and all because of Musk buying Twitter and slightly changing it.

FYI, as of Saturday morning, Twitter was still working just the same as before, with no discernible difference except fewer suspensions for dissenting against the status quo.

But if one were to conduct a Google search for “Twitter,” they’d find dozens of stories — some from the same outlet — fear-mongering about Twitter:

The Washington Post: “Twitter death captivates millions”

The New York Times: “Elon Musk’s Twitter Teeters On The Edge”

The Hill: “Worried Twitter will disappear? How to download your tweet history”

CNN: “What to do if you’re worried about your Twitter account going away”

U.S. News: “Public Safety Accounts Urge Caution on Twitter After Changes”

Axios: “Quitting Elon Musk’s Twitter? Here’s how to join Mastodon”

FYI, Mastadon is a far-left-controlled alternative to Twitter that doesn’t allow any dissenting speech or ideas. So of course Axios, an establishment media outlet, would promote it.

Regarding CBS News in particular, it’s faced scrutiny multiple times this year over its questionable reporting.

In February, the network falsely blamed America’s inflation crisis and economic woes on the then-newfound war in Ukraine.

In March, the outlet ran a report suggesting that white Ukrainian refugees benefit from so-called “white privilege.”

And in August, CBS News featured a historian who smeared the late conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh and asserted that conservative talk radio in general is “bad for America.”

In light of this sort of reporting, some Twitter users are eager to not have to deal anymore with CBS’s brand of so-called “journalism.”


CBS’s decision comes only a couple weeks after the network and its former executive, Les Moonves, forked over a combined $30.5 million to the state of New York for trying to cover up the sexual misconduct allegations against Moonves.

“CBS [paid] $28 million to the state, with $22 million of that going to CBS shareholders and the additional $6 million going toward bolstering the reporting and investigating process for complaints of sexual harassment and assault. Moonves [paid] $2.5 million, which will go toward CBS shareholders,” The Hill reported at the time..

The transfer of money was initiated following an investigation by NY Attorney General Letitia James that found that “CBS and its senior leadership knew about multiple allegations of sexual assault made against Mr. Moonves and intentionally concealed those allegations from regulators, shareholders, and the public for months,” according to a press release from James’ office.

“CBS and Leslie Moonves’ attempts to silence victims, lie to the public, and mislead investors can only be described as reprehensible. As a publicly traded company, CBS failed its most basic duty to be honest and transparent with the public and investors,” James said in a statement.

“After trying to bury the truth to protect their fortunes, today CBS and Leslie Moonves are paying millions of dollars for their wrongdoing. Today’s action should send a strong message to companies across New York that profiting off injustice will not be tolerated and those who violate the law will be held accountable,” she added.

Vivek Saxena


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