Trump 2044? Barron, 18, to make his political debut as Florida delegate to 2024 GOP convention

Barron Trump has been selected by the Florida GOP to serve as a delegate at the upcoming Republican National Convention, marking the beginning of what promises to be a long political career.

Indeed, speaking with the Daily Mail, an insider revealed that Barron, the youngest son of former President Donald Trump, boasts deep political aspirations.

“Barron is handsome, tall — taller even than his father — and very knowledgeable for someone his age,” the source said. “He’s also far more politically interested than people realize.”

“I see all the attributes of a future president if he has the appetite for it. And why not? He has the Trump genes,” the insider added.

Barron, who turned 18 in March, is also reportedly increasingly interested in working more officially on his father’s reelection campaign like his other siblings, including Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka.

As for his mother, Melania, she’s reportedly ready to give him some room to be his own man.

“While he was still a minor she zealously protected him and we knew very little about the details of his daily life,” the insider said. “I think he’s allowed to make more decisions for himself now. He can invite anyone to dinner he wishes. He’s slowly becoming more public.”

Meanwhile, as he’s gained more autonomy, Barron has used it to “schmooze” high-profile conservatives, including podcaster Patrick Bet-David, who was left impressed after a dinner at Mar-a-Lago last month.

“For an hour and a half we just watched Barron run dinner with stories, entertainment — oh my God — everything,” he said recently on his show.

He went on to, one, describe Barron as “sharp, funny, sarcastic, tough – not weak,” and two, praise him for his quality manners and humility.”

So tough that he pretty much dared his father’s boisterous enemies to aim their fire at him, saying, “It’s officially fair game to come after me. I don’t care. Good, do it. They’ve gone and done it to every kid.”

Bet-David’s guest, Adam Sosnick, added that, during the dinner, he spotted Barron’s father DJing loud music. When Barron realized what was happening, he was taken by surprise.

“Barron’s like ‘My freakin’ dad is the DJ’ and you see the president on his iPad, the light’s in his face, playing ‘Nothing Compares To You’ by Sinead O’Connor,” Sosnick said.

Also in attendance at last month’s Mar-a-Lago dinner were MMA fighter Colby Covington, entrepreneur Justin Waller, and Barron’s best friend, 17-year-old Bo Loudon.

Waller later posted a photo from the dinner to his Instagram:


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So who exactly is Loudon, Barron’s best friend?

“Bo, an up-and-coming conservative influencer is the son of TV personality Dr Gina Loudon and former Missouri state senator, John William Loudon,” according to the Daily Mail. “He boasts 148,000 followers on Instagram and frequently posts in support of President Trump.”

“Bo is very ideological and extremely pro-Trump,” the insider said. “He’s over at Mar-a-Lago every night that Barron is home. The two of them are inseparable.”

The two were reportedly recently involved in a minor golf cart accident.

“It was all very minor, a fender bender,” the insider said. “It just shows that these boys are rambunctious. Barron and Bo kind of run around Mar-a-Lago like Eloise in the legendary children’s books about the little girl who lives in the Plaza Hotel. They are full of energy and keen to make their mark in the world.”

All this comes about a week before Barron graduates from high school. His father is scheduled to attend the graduation, but only because the judge in his New York hush money case, Juan M. Merchan, is allowing him to skip court for the day.

“For weeks, Mr. Trump had loudly complained outside the courtroom about the prospect of missing the ceremony on Friday, May 17, and had criticized the judge, Juan M. Merchan, for not immediately giving him permission to attend,” The New York Times reported late last month.

“But on Monday [April 29th], before testimony restarted in Mr. Trump’s criminal trial in Lower Manhattan, Judge Merchan announced that he could have the day off from court,” according to the Times.

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