Gutfeld’s take on Trump and Stormy: ‘He screwed the brains out of her – that makes him a sex god’

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld mocked Democrats for “getting beclowned” in the Donald Trump ‘hush money’ trial as he called the former president a “sex god.”

In a discussion with his fellow “The Five” hosts, Gutfeld weighed in with a different take on the criminal trial in New York City that saw porn star Stormy Daniels take the witness stand this week.

“Stormy claims that she blacked out in this tryst with Trump, but she wasn’t on any drugs or alcohol,” Gutfeld recounted.

“You blacked out without drugs or alcohol. Some of us call that sleeping,” he continued to laughter from his co-hosts. “Now, it could be that she really blacked out after having sex with Trump, which is a compliment. Truly, he screwed the brains out of her – that makes him a sex god.”

“What I love about the Dems, they asked for a circus and they got one. The problem is they’re the ones getting beclowned,” Gutfeld continued.

“You know, everything that I’ve heard makes Trump more sympathetic, more likable,” he noted.

“Stormy called it an imbalance of power. Well, duh. That’s why you met him!” Gutfeld said.

“If he were a mechanic, if he was a high school teacher, you wouldn’t have run up and slept with him. It was all about the power. It was all about the imbalance. That’s how this transaction works when you’re a porn star!” he concluded.

In her tawdry testimony, Daniels claimed Trump had blocked her from leaving the room after they had sex.

“There was a bodyguard right outside the door. There was an imbalance of power for sure. He was bigger and blocking the way. But, I mean, I was not threatened verbally or physically,” she told the court.

Trump has adamantly and repeatedly denied the allegations against him.

Frieda Powers


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