Trump gives 7 hours of testimony, then takes flamethrower to left-wing prosecutors in SMOKING video; vows to get rid of ‘Marxist barbarians’

On a day when he returned to a Big Apple courtroom to be deposed in the $250 million civil fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, former President Donald J. Trump took a flamethrower to left-wing prosecutors in a smoking hot video, vowing to shake up the nation’s judicial system if voters return him to the White House in next year’s election.

The 2024 Republican Party frontrunner is facing a legal onslaught on multiple fronts from partisan prosecutors using lawfare tactics to eliminate the threat to the corrupt establishment, having just been indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in a malicious prosecution centering around an alleged “hush money” payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, one of several ongoing cases that are a multi-pronged assault against the uncompromising real estate tycoon turned politician.

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“There is no more dire threat to the American way of life than the corruption and weaponization of our justice system. And it’s happening all around us,” Trump began in his video which clocks in at just under three minutes. “If we can not restore the fair and impartial rule of law, we will not be a free country. As president, it will be my personal mission to restore the scales of justice in America. We want fairness and equality under the law.”

“And to that end, I will appoint U.S. Attorneys who will be the polar opposite of the Soros District Attorneys and others that are being appointed throughout the United States. Very unfair to our population, very unfair to our country,” he continued. “They will be the 100 most ferocious legal warriors against crime and Communist corruption that this country has ever seen.”

“As we completely overhaul the federal Department of Justice and FBI, we will also launch sweeping civil rights investigations into Marxist local District Attorneys. And that’s what we have, they are Marxists in many cases,” Trump said. “By refusing to charge countless crimes, these Soros prosecutors appear to be engaging in selective enforcement based on illegal racial discrimination.”

“In Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and every other city where these maniacs have taken over, the DA’s offices should face federal subpoenas of their staff, their emails, and their records to determine whether they have blatantly violated federal Civil Rights law,” added the former and perhaps future POTUS, who also promised to create a federal task force to protect the right to self-defense and to investigate and hold accountable those responsible for “police state tactics” by federal goons against Christians.

“I will do whatever it takes to save our legal system, among the greatest achievements of Western Civilization, from the Marxist barbarians who seek to destroy it,” he concluded.

In a Thursday morning missive from his Truth Social account, Trump seemed to suggest that James was a racist and a leaker.

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Hours earlier, he unloaded on James with both barrels.

“Just arrived in Manhattan for a deposition in front of New York State’s RACIST, TRUMP HATING Attorney General, Letitia “Peekaboo” James, in another unjust & ridiculous persecution of The 45th President of the United States. I built a GREAT & prosperous company, employed thousands of people, built magnificent structures all over the World, but particularly in New York, & now have to prove it to this LOWLIFE who campaigned on a “I will get Trump” platform, even before knowing anything about me!” Trump wrote.

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The former president answered questions for seven hours during the deposition in James’ suit which alleges that he, his children  Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump and the Trump Organization of false financial statements to business partners and lenders.

After he was deposed, one of Trump’s business attorneys Christopher Kise said that the former president spent an extensive amount of time being peppered with questions by “describing in detail his extraordinary business success.”

“The transactions at the center of this case were wildly profitable for the banks and for the Trump entities,” Kise added. “When the facts of this success, and not politically engineered soundbites, are out in the open, everyone will scoff at the notion any fraud took place.”

A hostile mob lined the streets to chant “New York hates you” as Trump arrived at the attorney general’s office, underscoring the virtual impossibility that he could get a fair trial from the local jury pool in the heavily Democrat city.

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Trump may have bigger worries than “Peekaboo” James as the nation’s two most influential newspapers both published stories Wednesday on the legal gallows that the regime’s special counsel Jack Smith is constructing to hang him from, both relying on anonymous sources.

According to The Washington Post, Smith’s legal hit squad is looking into potential criminal wire fraud charges against Trump and his fundraising operation while the NewYork Times published a Maggie Haberman scoop revolving around a copy of a map with “sensitive intelligence information” that Trump allegedly showed to visitors at Mar-a-Lago.

“The Biden Department of Injustice, together with all of the corrupt, TRUMP HATING, puppeteers that surround Joe Biden, and are destroying our Country, are going all out with ELECTION INTERFERENCE through the use of Fake, Partisan, and Corrupt Prosecutors. The people of the United States will not stand for this perversion of our Elections, and Constitution itself. At some point they will say, as our Country is going to Hell, WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!” Trump raged on Truth Social on Wednesday.

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