Trump increases lead over Ron DeSantis in first post-indictment poll – but there’s a troubling catch

Predictions about President Donald Trump benefitting from political persecution were quantified with the first post-indictment poll that also sought public opinion on culpability.

Like those that follow debates, often the most significant polls are those preceded by a major event. As such, the latest Yahoo/News/YouGov poll questioned nearly 1,100 voters Thursday and Friday regarding a Grand Jury’s decision to indict Trump on charges presented by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and the results spoke for themselves.

Among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents questioned, Trump beat out Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis if the primary were now by 52 to 21 percent with a field of opponents. Head-to-head, gave little bonus to the governor as the president had a 10 point gain from March 20 while DeSantis fell by 8 leaving their matchup 57 to 31 percent.

Looking solely at the 302 respondents who identified as Republicans, when asked the question “Do you think Donald Trump did or did not falsify business records to conceal a hush money payment to a porn star,” almost half agreed that he did not do that.

Meanwhile, 17 percent contended that he had. More troubling, 35 percent of Republicans weren’t sure if Trump had falsified records or not. Many may believe that those who favor another candidate over Trump made up the sum of those who believe the president had falsified records, but the survey found that 7 percent of those who preferred Trump thought he had and only 28 percent of DeSantis supporters.

Backers of the governor were more evenly split with 37 percent certain Trump had not falsified records and 34 percent left unsure. Furthermore, 29 percent of the presidents own camp found themselves in the not sure category.

Adding to the boon for the frontrunner in his pursuit of the 2024 Republican presidential nomination and return to the White House, his campaign released a statement Friday declaring a $4 million haul in the first 24 hours after the indictment. Of those funds, 25 percent of donations were said to be from first-time contributors to the campaign.

“This incredible surge of grassroots contributions confirms that the American people see the indictment of President Trump as a disgraceful weaponization of our justice system by a Soros-funded prosecutor,” the press release said noting an average donation of $34.

Favorability for the president facing perceived political persecution even outlasted a hypothetical conviction as 56 percent of Republicans remained in favor of his being allowed to serve as the 47th commander-in-chief regardless; 24 percent said no and 20 percent were unsure.

By comparison, when weighing all political affiliations, if convicted 31 percent said he should still be eligible for future office, 17 percent were unsure, and a majority 52 percent were decidedly against the prospect.

Trump is expected to travel from his Florida residence at Mar-a-Lago to New York City this week for a scheduled arraignment on Tuesday before Judge Juan Merchan. He is facing over 30 charges related to alleged document fraud.

Kevin Haggerty


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