Trump on Fox News: ‘I believe we’re going to have a terrorist attack – 100%’

Amidst the growing conflict in the Middle East, former President Donald Trump expressed “100%” certainty about threats facing Americans at home.

(Video: Fox News)

Joining Fox News host Maria Bartiromo for an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures,” the GOP leader addressed a number of topics that included the economy, his potential running mates and increased international and domestic dangers resulting from President Joe Biden’s governance.

With some estimates exceeding 10 million illegal alien entries into the country since Biden took over the White House, Bartiromo zeroed in on a reported 1100% increase in military-aged males, many backed by the Chinese Communist Party at a cost of tens of thousands per head, as she asked Trump about China’s influence.

As the president agreed with her supposition, he advanced to the broader risk present as hundreds of people on the FBI terror watchlist had been arrested crossing into the country, and an untold number may have evaded apprehension.

“And I believe we’re going to have a terrorist attack — 100%. 100%. You know, during my term I had no terrorist attacks,” the president reminded. “You know that, right? I had all sorts of bans on people from certain countries. I had bans all over the place. We had no attack. I had nothing.”

Having reiterated the need to shut down the border, Trump touched on how Biden’s foreign policy had increasingly endangered American success and safety as he expressed his belief that Iran would have a nuclear weapon within the next 60 days and China had “taken advantage of our country.”

“…Obviously, I’m not looking to hurt China. I want to get along with China. I think it’s great. But they’ve really taken advantage of our country and we turned it around. We put big tariffs on steel. I saved the steel companies and now Japan is buying U.S. Steel,” explained the Republican leader. “You know what a name that is? That’s the most important name — 50 years ago, there was no company like U.S. Steel. Now Japan is buying it, I don’t think I’d let that deal go through, by the way.”

During the interview, Bartiromo wondered who might serve beside Trump to handle these problems were he to return to the White House and asked “What criteria are you using to identify who your running mate is?”

Though he wouldn’t narrow the field or pin down a time for his decision, he did present what he considered the top factor as he floated names like South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

“Always it’s gotta be one thing. It’s gotta be who would be a good president. I mean, you always have to think that, because you know, in case of emergency,” remarked Trump. “Things happen, right? No matter who you are, things happen. That’s gotta be number one.”

(Video: Fox News)

“You know, I called Tim Scott — a lot of people like Tim Scott — I called and I said you’re a much better candidate for me than you are for yourself. When I watched him, he was fine, he was good, but he was very low key,” the president said before stating, “For me, he’s been a real tiger. He’s been incredible.”

In praising Noem he noted her remarks that she would never run against him because she admitted she “can’t beat him.”

Trump also denied that his campaign ever reached out to independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as a potential running mate when asked by Bartiromo and said unequivocally, “Never happened.”

Kevin Haggerty


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