Trump sends a message to migrants that illegally crossed under Biden: Don’t get comfortable.

Former President Donald Trump lent his voice to the fight in Texas, warning those who have illegally crossed the border under President Joe Biden’s watch that they had better not get “comfortable.”

The Republican frontrunner in the 2024 presidential race signaled his support for the state of Texas as it faces off against the Biden administration over its border security.

“Joe Biden has surrendered our Border, and is aiding and abetting a massive Invasion of millions of Illegal Migrants into the United States,” Trump said in a statement posted to Truth Social, reminding how secure the southern border was when he was in the White House.

“Instead of fighting to protect our Country from this onslaught, Biden is, unbelievably, fighting to tie the hands of Governor Abbott and the State of Texas, so that the Invasion continues unchecked. In the face of this National Security, Public Safety, and Public Health Catastrophe, Texas has rightly invoked the Invasion Clause of the Constitution, and must be given full support to repel the Invasion,” the former president continued.

Trump went on to encourage other states to send help as Texas continues its standoff with Biden and refuses to tear down razor wire fencing along the Rio Grande that purportedly would help deter the invasion of illegal migrants streaming across the state line.

“We encourage all willing States to deploy their guards to Texas to prevent the entry of Illegals, and to remove them back across the Border,” Trump wrote.

“All Americans should support the commonsense measures by Texas authorities to protect the Safety, Security, and Sovereignty of Texas, and of the American people,” he added, promising that “When I am President, on Day One, instead of fighting Texas, I will work hand in hand with Governor Abbott and other Border States to Stop the Invasion, Seal the Border, and Rapidly Begin the Largest Domestic Deportation Operation in History.”

Trump issued a clear warning to those who have already made their way into the nation’s cities illegally.

“Those Biden has let in should not get comfortable because they will be going home.”

As the issue in Texas has escalated, many Republican-led states have stepped up in their support of Gov. Greg Abbott. National Guard troops have been sent to the Lone Star state and governors have openly voiced their support.

Trump’s fiery statement resonated with many on X, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

Frieda Powers


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