‘HE’S BACK’: Trump owns the mug in EPIC return to Twitter, triggers libs

Former President Trump has officially returned to X, posting his mugshot taken in Fulton County, Georgia, and it has taken social media as well as the country by storm.

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Twitter mogul Elon Musk called it “Next-level” as the platform roared on Thursday over the first-ever mugshot of an American president. Trump is fully capitalizing on the notoriety of it all and his popularity is skyrocketing.

This is Trump’s official return to the platform and his first post since January 2021. He made it just hours after he was arrested in Fulton County.

The former president proudly posted his mugshot with the caption, “ELECTION INTERFERENCE. NEVER SURRENDER! DONALDJTRUMP.COM.”

Previously, Trump had stayed on his own social media platform Truth Social. But X has a huge reach and he seems to be taking advantage of that as he aggressively takes on his attackers.

The last post made to Twitter had been an announcement that he would not attend the inauguration of President Biden after losing the 2020 presidential election. Trump ignored calls to return to the platform even after Musk reinstated his account.

“I don’t see any reason for it, they have a lot of problems at Twitter, you see what’s going on. It may make it, it may not make it,” Trump commented to The Hill back in November 2022 following his reinstatement.

In January of 2023, as Trump stepped into the political arena once again to run for the presidency in 2024, he reportedly decided to end his Truth Social exclusivity deal and return to X ahead of the 2024 election. That was a savvy decision and returning on the day of his arrest is marketing genius. While most would cower in embarrassment, Trump is boldly using the mugshot as a badge of honor and it is striking a deep chord with Americans.

Trump conducted an interview with Tucker Carlson on X Wednesday during the first GOP primary debate and the numbers crushed the Fox News viewership statistics with over 252 million views. It appears he was right that every indictment is only making him more popular and more likely to be reelected. He leads other Republican contenders by over 40 points now.

Just before his arrest and booking at Georgia’s “notoriously violent” Fulton County Jail, Trump sent out a statement to his supporters.

“This is my last text to you before my arrest, Patriot. I hope you’ll read my personal note,” a text from the Trump 2024 campaign stated on Thursday evening.

His “personal note” was historic.

“Today, I will be going to the notoriously violent jail in Fulton County, Georgia where I will be ARRESTED despite having committed NO CRIME. Isn’t it interesting that I went my entire life without ever getting arrested…” the note began.

“…But suddenly out of nowhere, once I decided to run for president as a political outsider and fight for the forgotten citizens of our country, I get ARRESTED FOUR TIMES within the span of just 5 months? Not only that, a judge has ruled that today’s spectacle may be televised for the entire world to see. The American people know what’s going on,” Trump wrote.

“This is a punishment handed down from the Deep State for daring to challenge the status quo and give a voice to the Silent Majority. The Left wants to intimidate YOU out of voting for a political outsider who puts the American people FIRST. But today, I’m walking into the lion’s den with one simple message on behalf of our entire movement: I WILL NEVER SURRENDER OUR MISSION TO SAVE AMERICA,” he vowed.

“When I walk into the jail to get wrongfully arrested, I will not cower, I will not sulk. I will stand tall and remain resolute in our mission to save America. And if you see me on TV during my sham arrest, just remember that YOU are the source of my courage, my hope, and my resolve to save our country,” Trump stated.

Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump predicted that the release of Trump’s mugshot would not have the effect his persecutors desired.

“It’s going to be on posters and people’s dorm rooms. It’s going to be on t-shirts. It is going to be a flag flown by people who love this country because they’re backing Donald Trump,” she proclaimed.

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After Trump’s arrest, he spoke to reporters and emphatically told them he did nothing wrong.

“It’s a very sad day for America. This should never happen. If you challenge an election, you should be able to challenge an election,” he noted.

“I thought the election was a rigged election, a stolen election, and I should have every right to do that. As you know, you have many people that you’ve been watching over the years doing the same thing, whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Stacey Abrams or many others,” Trump continued.

“When you have that great freedom to challenge, you have to be able to otherwise you can have very dishonest elections. What has taken place here is a travesty of justice. We did nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong, and everybody knows it,” he added.

“I’ve never had such support, and that goes with the other ones too. What they’re doing is election interference. They’re trying to interfere with an election. There’s never been anything like it in our country before. This is their way of campaigning, and this is one instance, but you have three other instances,” he pointed out.

“It’s election interference. So I want to thank you for being here. We did nothing wrong at all, and we have every right, every single right to challenge an election that we think is dishonest, that we think is very dishonest. So thank you all very much and I’ll see you very soon,” Trump concluded.

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Comedian/actress Roseanne Barr went nuts over Trump’s mugshot and many agreed with her.

“Trump’s mugshot is so hot!” she exclaimed on X.

Then there are the fake mugshots:

Not only has Trump’s mugshot gone massively viral, memes are exploding across the Internet:

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