Tucker Carlson has some observations about AOC: ‘She’s a woman of color? Really? How!?’

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(Video: Fox News)

According to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t a woman of color — she’s a “narcissist of color.”

The evidence, he said Friday on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” is how she’s effectively abandoned the working class to instead fight for the selfish, self-important causes important to white, upper-class managerial elites.

To prove his point, he played a montage of Ocasio-Cortez ranting and raving about climate change, about “menstruating persons” and about being discounted because she’s “the youngest woman in congress” and “a woman of color.”

The latter remark triggered raucous laughter from Carlson.

(Source: Fox News)

She’s a woman of color? Really? How!? She’s a woman who talks about herself incessantly. She’s a narcissist of color, who she really is when she’s not shilling for her donors in the green energy business. Who is this person anyway!?

To answer this question, he brought in conservative commentator Chadwick Moore to hear his take.

“Sandy Cortez is the quintessential liberal today in America, right. If you took a bunch of scientists, put them in a lab and said make us the quintessential liberal, the essence of liberal, they would put some ingredients together and pop Sandy Cortez out of the oven. And anything that perfect, of course, would be a parody of itself, which she is. She’s stupid. She’s completely narcissistic. She has very little to offer except for makeup tutorials. Completely self-involved,” Moore said.

“But on a bigger note, she very much marks this shift from the old progressives, you know, the kind of union guys, the labor progressives, the economic Marxists, into this wacky academic, very self-centered, privileged cultural Marxist,” he added. “The Maoist Marxist. And that’s really what she represents. She might talk about the working people, but the only people she knows are people who are working off their student loan debts or people who are working the welfare system. Those are her people. And, of course, her extremely rich donors.”

Carlson concurred.

“That’s exactly it. I mean, so here she is talking about working women of color standing there in a $30,000 dress at the Met [Gala]. So she is just the perfect distillation of neoliberalism: Talk about yourself, help yourself to the spoils, help nobody else,” he said.

Indeed, said Moore.

“It feels good to talk about it and to live in a fantasy, to pretend you’re Che Guevara or whoever she thinks that she is. That is another essence of what this is, when really, of course, all of this is to distract from what’s really going on behind the scenes — her donors or what else the Democrat Party is up to,” he noted.

“You know, she sits and pretends she’s this poor, oppressed working woman of color. And another thing, her whole cry-bully behavior. You know, anytime you criticize her, it’s because you want to have sex with her or you want to kill her,” he continued. “And then she can just run and pretend that she’s a victim here, when she’s just a privileged, white uterus-haver from Westchester.”

A “privileged, white uterus-haver” who lost a lot of points with the working class recently when she abandoned the Amazon workers who’d fought (and eventually succeeded, albeit without her help) to unionize.

According to the workers’ leader, Christian Smalls, “he went to Washington, DC last summer to ask progressive Democrats to attend a pro-union rally in August. Some were sleeping on the steps of the Capitol at the time, protesting the end to a pause in evictions. Mr Smalls said he invited New York progressives such as Ms Ocasio-Cortez,” as reported by The Independent.

“They were positive when I met them in person. I met Cori Bush on the steps. I brought them ALU shirts. We tried to convince them to come up there. AOC was like ‘yeah, take my information,'”  he said.

But after three meetings with her staff, she suddenly reneged.

“Leading up to the rally everything was good up until the last second. They were like ‘yeah, they can’t make it.’ I was like ‘wow,'” Smalls said.

But it gets worse.

“They didn’t give me a real reason besides there is a security threat for AOC and I’m like, I was just sleeping on the steps with her in DC, she had no security there. Had maybe one person there. It didn’t make sense because they said they cancelled all her in-person meetings for the rest of the month, then she at the Met Gala,” according to Smalls.

As noted by Carlson, it seems like she’s “the perfect distillation of neoliberalism: selfish, self-centered and full of bullschiff …


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