Tucker Carlson says Twitter has been ‘functioning as the arm’ of intel agencies, wants Musk to release info

Tucker Carlson suggested that Twitter has been functioning as an arm of the global deep state and called for the company’s new owner Elon Musk to release documents that could prove his provocative theory.

With the ongoing release of the “Twitter Files” already showing how the “public-private partnership” worked hand-in-hand to control the narrative, censor critics and ban enemies of the regime, the Fox News host went one step further by saying that the San Francisco-based tech giant “has been functioning as the arm of government intel agencies” as “a propaganda tool and intelligence gathering apparatus,” a possible explanation for the furious establishment response to Musk’s takeover and subsequent restructuring of the company.


(Video: Fox News)

On Tuesday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the intrepid conservative commentator took the conversation about what was really going on at Twitter to an entirely new level.

Kicking off the segment by pointing out the peculiar presence of over a dozen former intelligence agency officials in top spots at Twitter including former FBI lawyer James Baker who was just fired by Musk for secretly vetting the internal documents before they were released to journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss.

“Let’s say you’re trying to staff a social media site, who would you hire? Carlson asked. “Well obviously since it’s a tech business you would hire tech people, coders, software engineers, to keep the place running. Then you’d hire an administrative staff because you had to, lawyers, a caterer, a flack or two, maybe an interior decorator if you wanted the HQ to look good, but how many spies would you hire?

“Well, probably none. Spies have nothing to do with the mission of a social media company,” he said. “They would not be needed and you wouldn’t hire any opera singers either. Yet for some reason, Twitter seemed to need a lot of spies. The upper ranks of Twitter, we now know, were absolutely loaded with people who once did intel work for government agencies.”

“What were these people doing all day at what was supposedly a social media company?” Carlson asked. “Well that’s the question, isn’t it?”

He then he ran down the list of names and their former jobs before they ended up working at Twitter.

“And it wasn’t just American intel officers who found a home at Twitter. The company hired foreign spies too,” he said, reminding viewers of whistleblower Peiter Zatko, the company’s former head of security who was fired for reportedly complaining about foreign intelligence agencies’ control over Twitter operations.

“According to Zatko, there were operatives on Twitter’s payroll from other governments including China and India and they had access to private user data,” Carlson said. “And those are just the details that we know about, Elon Musk was asked recently how many former FBI agents are currently employed by Twitter, but he wouldn’t say.”

“It’s all pretty weird,” he continued. “Could it be that while the rest of us imagined that Twitter was a social media site, a place to vent about politics and sports and the Kardashians, could it be that Twitter was actually, maybe primarily,  a propaganda tool and intelligence gathering apparatus for a variety of intel agencies?”

“Well yes that’s possible,” the Fox News host said. “And you can see why various governments would want access to the information that Twitter had. Keep in mind that Twitter’s direct messages, the DM feature functioned for many years as a kind of private text app for some of the world’s most prominent people. So if you wanted to know that high government officials really thought, or if you wanted to know what well-informed sources were telling reporters off the record, you would want to see those messages.”

“Did Twitter executives ever share those DM’s, those private messages with anyone outside the company without a warrant?” Carlson asked. “We strongly suspect that they did.”

“The proof of course resides on Twitter’s servers, along with a lot else,” he added. “Think about it, if Twitter has been functioning as an arm of government intel agencies, and clearly it has been, then its internal documents will contain information about all kinds of things. Not just about the silencing of Donald Trump, not just about Tony Fauci’s buffoonish lies about the COVID shot, no, information about big history-shaping events.”

“The sabotage of Nordstream 2 for example, the supposed poison gas attacks in Syria, both of them, the imprisonment of Julian Assange, why is he there?” Carlson continued. “The theft of incriminating emails from the DNC, what was that story? The motive behind the Russian invasion of Ukraine and much, much more.”

“In other words, Elon Musk now has control of the most significant trove of secret information ever to reside in private hands,” he said. “So far we have not seen much of it, and you have to wonder why we haven’t, let’s hope that we do.”

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