Tucker drops shocker that he used to be friends with Hunter Biden, ‘had dinner with him a bunch…knew him really well’

Politically speaking, the past few years have been strange to say the least but it’s safe to say that few had Tucker Carlson being friends with Hunter Biden in their bingo card.

(Video: Fox News)

In an appearance Tuesday on “The Five,” the Fox News host was plugging the release of his “Biden Inc.” documentary as part of his “Tucker Carlson Originals” series on Fox Nation.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld pointed out that Carlson has lived in Washington, D.C., for a long time, suggesting that he must have had some interaction with President Biden’s son.

“How would you characterize him in your capacity?” he asked.

“I knew him really well. I always liked him,” Carlson replied. “I mean, he’s my neighbor and friend. Had dinner with him a bunch. I knew him, we talked a lot about drinking — I don’t drink. He was struggling with that. But in the background, I knew, and I knew people who worked with him in his business, that he was effectively selling access to his dad.”

There were reports last year of an alleged 2014 email from Carlson thanking Hunter Biden for writing a letter of recommendation to Georgetown University for his son Buckley Carlson.

“And I’ll just be totally honest about it, I never really thought about it, because I lived in D.C. for 35 years, where people sell access to government officials. They’re called lobbyists. And that’s kind of the business of the city,” he continued. “And I never really thought, wow, that’s kind of a crime, though I knew — I didn’t know the extent of it of course, but I remember someone who had worked with him saying to me, wow, he’s getting really, really close to, you know, what you should not be doing, because it’s criminal.”

Carlson then tied it back to his documentary, detailing Hunter’s proximity to his father from a business perspective when he was vice president.

“And it turns out, based on what we know now from the laptop, that it was absolutely criminal. And the reason we made this documentary was not to inform you that he was doing something wrong. Everyone knows that,” he said. “It was to take a long-form piece and explain it and show on the screen exactly how we know this. It’s not a partisan attack. It’s not attacking the president’s son.

“This guy shared a bank account with his dad while his dad was the vice president,” Carlson explained. “His dad was bringing him on trips, including to China. He was doing business with the people he met on those government trips and kicking back the money to his dad. That’s not an allegation. That is shown on the laptop, which is why they suppressed it.”

Tom Tillison


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