Tucker: Hysterical reaction to Italy’s new PM puts left’s lust for ‘state religion’ on full display

Newly elected Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s historic victory was marked by a coordinated attack from corporate media, and Fox News host Tucker Carlson reasoned it has everything do with the true nature of “wokeness,” that is to say it’s “not just a political ideology…it’s a state religion.”

(Video: Fox News)

Lacking the freedoms built into the fabric of the American republic, European nations have been more susceptible to the advancement of the progressive agenda, which has made recent strides in the forceful rejection of globalist agendas all the more impactful. Included in those was the election of conservative Meloni who campaigned on the motto, “God, fatherland and family,” representing an affront to the woke ideology that, Carlson argued, “supplants actual religion.”

“If you want to establish totalitarian control over a country,” the host said of ends typically ascribed to the progressive movement, “of course you have to destroy the family first, because nobody with deep family loyalty, the one thing every person should have, no one who has that will ever pledge absolute obedience to a politician. Why would you?”

“So, if you want absolute obedience, you have to sever family ties and that’s why state schools brainwash your children with values that you despise and then instruct your children to turn you in as a thought criminal if you object. That’s happening. It’s not your imagination and it’s happening for a reason,” Carlson asserted. “Wokeness is not just a political ideology. It’s not just something annoying that emerged on college campuses that we can ignore.”

“It’s a state religion that supplants actual religion, which is also being destroyed,” he declared.

“There’s a reason the strip bars and the liquor stores and the weed dispensary stayed open under COVID, but the churches didn’t,” the host added before playing a clip of Meloni decrying the European Union, “telling us that in order to be inclusive, we had to exclude all references to Christmas.”

“Jesus, Mary and all Christian names were to be removed from all official communication,” the conservative leader explained. “Will we surrender in front of this? No, we will not. We will fight it. We will fight it standing tall.”

“Fascists,” Carlson contended as he challenged corporate media for demonizing Meloni with a qualifier that more aptly describes themselves, “don’t believe in God because God is a rival to their power.”

Of her public faith, he continued, “She’s not the first person to say this. People have said it before, but she’s just been rewarded for saying it. That’s the point. The population likes it. This is what they actually want. They’re not worried about global warming. They don’t want open borders. They think the woke stuff is absurd.”

“They want to see what they think. And now it’s obvious because she just won and so even in this country, the people running and benefitting from a deeply corrupt and doomed system are hysterical,” Carlson noted before later arguing, “it’s their hysteria and their total unwillingness to ask obvious questions that lets you in on the secret, which is they’re panicked because they know the current system is doomed and in fact, what happened in Italy is the best case scenario for them, because it was a peaceful transfer of power.”


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