Tucker: January 6 was ‘second only to the 2020 election as the biggest scam in my lifetime’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson hit the corrupt establishment where it really hurt with his airing of previously unseen video footage from January 6, 2021, last week and now he has hit them with his remarks on an even more sanctified official narrative, the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidency.

On Monday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the intrepid newsman talked with self-proclaimed Proud Boy Daniel Goodwyn who is facing up to six months behind bars after he pleaded guilty to trespassing for being at the U.S. Capitol on the day when chaos erupted.

(Video: Fox News)

During his discussion with Goodwyn and his attorney Carol Stewart, Carlson opined that the so-called “insurrection” was a scam so great that it is only exceeded by the 2020 election in which the geriatric career politician Biden defeated then-President Donald J. Trump by racking up an eye-popping total of 81 million votes, the most in history.

As he did with previously suppressed surveillance video of Jacob Chansley, aka the QAnon Shaman who has been portrayed as the face of what Democrats and their media stooges have claimed was a serious effort to overthrow the U.S. government, Carlson aired video of Goodwyn that appeared to show that he was far less the terrorist that he has been accused of being.

Goodwyn described the ordeal that has wrecked his life as the surveillance video showed that he was in the building for less than a minute and left when ordered to do so by police, which was enough reason for the Justice Department to throw the book at him.

“So, I mean how is what they’re doing to you allowed in this country?” Carlson asked the victim of the Biden regime’s political persecution of Trump supporters. “I mean you seem like a political prisoner, what would be another name for it?”

“Political hostage,” Goodwyn responded. “Because prisoners have rights and they’ve taken many of our rights away as January 6ers.”

Later in the segment, he responded to Carlson’s question on how people could help him and his fellow J6 political prisoners who have been caught up in the shameful weaponizing of the legal system.

“Well the first thing of course is if Kevin McCarthy would release all the footage to all the public,” he said. “The thing that the public can do to help is they can research through the footage that’s already out there,” referring viewers to a website where concerned citizens can support J6 defendants.

“Four people died that day and they were all Trump supporters. Of course, you revealed that Sicknick died the next day and it wasn’t because of Trump supporters,” he said of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who was shown in Carlson’s previously aired video walking around and performing his duties despite media accounts that he was killed during the protests.

“There was a lot of police violence that happened that day,” Goodwyn added.

“Yeah. That needs to be investigated,” he said of accounts of police brutality against protesters.

“January 6th I think is probably second only to the 2020 election as the biggest scam in my lifetime,” Carlson said, capping off the discussion. “And you know it is because they become completely hysterical when confronted with any facts that deviate from their lies.”

The Biden regime and Democrats have used the events of January 6th in a similar manner to what a certain 20th-century European political party did after distorting the torching of the main government building to blame opponents instead of the real culprit(s) as a pretense for grabbing sweeping new powers which were used to crush civil liberties and round up political opponents, and like the Reichstag fire, many believe that the official J6 narrative is a dangerous hoax, one of them being Carlson.

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Chris Donaldson


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