Tucker questions the fall of America with tour of Russia subway station, ‘nicer than anything in our country’

Tucker Carlson took advantage of his trip to Russia to ask some questions and compare and contrast Russian life with the American experience.

One specific point of interest was the Kiyevskaya Metro Station. Carlson begins by explaining: “One of the ways you understand a society is through its infrastructure, the places where people gather, the places where they go to travel, if you’ve got a lot of people in one place it tells you a lot about the people.”

“So with that in mind, we’re standing in front of the Kiyevskaya Metro Station and this train station next to it. Now the metro station was built by Josef Stalin seventy years ago; and the question is ‘how’s it doing now, after seventy years?'” Carlson continued, going on to qualify that none of this was an endorsement of either Stalin or Putin, but rather a moment to reflect on how a communist country in the middle of a war could appear to be doing better in some areas than America.

“There’s no graffiti, there’s no filth, there are no foul smells. There are no bums or drug addicts or rapists or people waiting to push you on the train tracks and kill you,” Carlson said. “It’s perfectly clean and orderly. And how do you explain that? We’re not even going to guess; that’s not our job. We’re only going to ask the question. And if your response is to shout at us slogans dumber than the slogans we used to call ‘Soviet’, and mock, that’s not really an answer.”

“How does Russia, a country that we’re told is a gas station with nuclear weapons, have a subway station that normal people use to get to work and home every single day, that’s nicer than anything in our country? We’re not going to speculate, we’re just gonna raise the question and wait for someone in charge to give us an answer,” the journalist concluded, ending the short video with a tour of the subway station that looks like something out of an art museum, rather than a mode of public transportation.

Comparing this to the type of treatment everyday Americans receive while risking their lives to travel on subways, it isn’t hard to see what Carlson is getting at.

It also didn’t take long for social media commentary to pour in:

Sierra Marlee


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