Tucker says California will have to use ‘Nazi race science’ to prove who’s eligible for reparations

Fox News host Tucker Carlson dropped a bomb on California’s proposed reparations during his show Wednesday, asserting that the only way to ensure people are descended from slaves is through racial purity testing he referred to as “Nazi race science.”

“So at this point, there are plenty of white people in America who are descended from slaves. There are plenty of black people in America who are descended from slave owners. That’s just true. So how do you know who qualifies for government reparations? Well, of course, there’s only one way to find out. And it’s old-fashioned Nazi race science. Nazi race science. So the state will have to certify the racial purity of its citizens in order to send them money. That’s going to have to happen. Do we really want to go there? Do we really want to do that? Amazingly, liberals really do,” Carlson claimed.

He went on to lay out disturbingly how people are losing jobs and rights in California simply because they don’t have the right skin color. The conservative went on to elaborate on the flawed concept of reparations that the left has fully embraced.

“So again, it’s hard to overstate just how crazy and divisive that is. In order for that to work in practice, you would have to take people’s blood and figure out what percentage they were of one race or the other. Maybe measure their heads. You would wind up with Nazi race science, with racial purity tests. And no decent person wants to live in a country where the government does that. It’s obviously a dead end and a terrible idea. And it would, of course, promote violence and division. So that’s a non-starter when you think about it,” Tucker noted.

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Carlson went on to lay it all at President Biden’s feet and deservedly so.

“But Joe Biden decided he was going to get around a national debate on reparations simply by just doing it, throwing it in the farm bill. Biden, right after he took office, allocated billions of dollars in farm aid based on race — just on race. A judge, thankfully, shut that down. But they didn’t slow down in their effort to create a racial spoils system. They don’t care about what it does to the country,” he charged.

“So Kamala Harris suggested that certain communities, based on their skin color, deserved faster hurricane response. So there’s an entire civil rights department at the Justice Department, a division, designed to stop the government from rewarding or punishing people on the basis of skin color. That was the whole point of the civil rights movement. But they’re doing nothing. Of course. They’re encouraging it because Democrats run the government,” Carlson accused.

The whole reparations argument has now spread to transgenders which is mind-boggling considering that California can’t afford it.

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“So as a result, California has launched yet another basic income program, this time for trans people. Really? How is that going to work? How do you prove you’re trans? Can anyone even define what that means? No,” Tucker remarked.

“And by the way, what is transgender? On the current application in San Francisco, there are 97 different gender options available, 19 sexual orientations. These would include aromantic, demisexual, d***, pansexual, same-gender loving, and skoliosexual. So at this point, probably not going to get California back into the realm of functional and sane. Twenty years from now, that will be a deeply poor state presided over by a small group of incredibly rich people. Every normal person of all colors will have left and moved to Florida. Probably no fixing it at this point. They’ll be cutting the redwood forests, selling them for money. You know exactly where this is going. Look at Bolivia. But what can the rest of us, in the other 49 states, learn from what’s happening in California?” he asked.

In 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom (D) approved a task force to explore reparations for descendants of slaves. The Reparations Task Force is currently in talks about who is eligible to qualify and it will be interesting to see how they decide exactly who that is.

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“The first-in-the-nation task force previously voted to limit reparations to black California residents whose ancestors were living in the United States in the 19th century. This week, the group will talk about whether there could be additional eligibility requirements and what time frame reparations could hinge on,” the Los Angeles Times reported.



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