Tucker tweets video of his biographer serving up ‘the scoop’ on why Fox really booted him

Chadwick Moore, the author of an upcoming biography on former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, is claiming that he was booted from the network as a condition of the settlement with Dominion Voting Systems and that they desperately didn’t want Rupert Murdoch to testify in court.

Both Fox News and Dominion have denied the assertion with the network calling it “categorically false,” But Moore claims he has credible sources within the network who are in the know about the incident and say otherwise.

The biographer, who is a regular Fox News guest and contributing editor at The Spectator, appeared on Nexsmax with “The Balance” host Eric Bolling and stated that “sources who are very close to the situation” with “intimate knowledge” assert that Carlson’s show was dropped by the network as part of a condition in Fox News’ $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems in April.

“Although Fox felt that they would win the trial with Dominion, they didn’t want Rupert Murdoch to testify. This is what I’m told,” Moore told Bolling. “And as a condition with the settlement, hours before they were supposed to go to trial, they reached this agreement to pull him off the air.”


“Dominion has denied this, but this is what sources have told me at Fox, that they are sure is the reason,” Moore contended.

“I’ve not seen the contract, but from what I understand … it’s possible they want to keep him,” he said during the interview with Bolling. “Whoever wanted him off the air wants to keep him silent until after the next election, and that is when his contract would be up with Fox. But right now, he’s still employed.”

Adding credence to Moore’s assertion, Carlson shared the video on Monday of Moore claiming that his sources are swearing that the former host was terminated as part of the settlement.

Moore also said in the video retweeted by Carlson, “I have spent the last year researching and writing this book, and during that time, I’ve gotten to know Tucker, his family, his friends, and his staff very well. In fact, I’ve gotten to know, Tucker, the person, not the caricature that his enemies try to portray.”

“I was working closely with Tucker when he was taken off the air by Fox. And as some of you know, I was also a regular on his show. And I happened to be a guest on the final episode of the show, which was on April 21st. I’ve also seen the monologue that Tucker planned to deliver on Monday, April 24th, before his show was abruptly taken off the air. That monologue dealt with, among other things, investigations around January 6th, and particularly Ray Epps, the only person captured on video inciting people to violence at the Capitol that day, and allegedly an FBI informant who still has not been arrested or charged,” he continued.

“Ironically, a good part of the monologue also dealt with the people and forces that are trying to silence him, like AOC and others in government,” the biographer added.

“It is now been reported that his firing was a condition demanded by Dominion as part of the settlement with Fox. Although Dominion has denied this, my sources have intimate knowledge of the situation and they have assured me, even before this news leaked, that that is, in fact, the truth,” Moore remarked.

“If that is true, it would mean that a small group of people who have a controlling interest in Dominion have managed to silence what is arguably the most important and influential conservative voice in the country, possibly until after the next presidential election. Knowing Tucker as I do, I’m confident that he will not be silenced. As I’m sure all of you are as well,” he concluded in the clip.

Moore claims that he has “multiple sources” and they are “people who are very, very close to the situation and who would know, and who I have no reason to believe that they are lying.”


He teased that more information on the ouster would be revealed in his upcoming biography “Tucker,” which is set for release in July. The book is already a bestseller and hasn’t even been released yet.

Carlson’s legal team fired off a brutal letter in early May accusing Fox News of “fraud and breach of contract.” Axios’ Mike Allen reported on it, writing that the “letter from his lawyers to Fox positions Carlson to argue that the noncompete provision in his contract is no longer valid — freeing him to launch his own competing show or media enterprise.”

The letter alleges that Fox broke promises that the network would not settle with Dominion Voting Systems “in a way which would indicate wrongdoing” on the part of Carlson and to refrain from taking any actions in a settlement that would harm his reputation.

According to Axios, which spoke with two sources briefed on the conversation, Carlson was told by a member of the Fox board that he was taken off the air as part of the Dominion settlement.

Variety also reported last week that an anonymous source claimed Dominion wanted to deal a major blow to Fox News’ viewership as part of the deal and demanded Carlson be booted.

“That condition was intended to hurt Fox, and Tucker is just collateral damage,” the source told Variety. “Dominion wanted to punish Fox, and it’s working.”

Carlson’s evident endorsement of Moore’s claims appears to be setting up a looming legal battle with Fox News over his contract, which reportedly includes a non-compete agreement. Carlson’s Fox News contract expires in January of 2025 and the network has allegedly been working to “sideline” him with an offer to pay the former host $20 million a year not to work, Axios reported.

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