UFC fighter blasts Jimmy Kimmel, mainstream media, Hollywood: You ‘are all pedophiles to me’

UFC fighter Joel Bauman blasted Jimmy Kimmel, the mainstream media and Hollywood as a bunch of pedophiles in a post-match interview in the ring, and the low blow was initially shared on Twitter by UFC Fight Pass, a subscription-based video streaming service owned by UFC’s parent company, before being deleted.

In effect, the fighter said after winning his match that he will stand by the assertion until the flight logs of deceased billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein are released.

“So all those doubting my NFT, you’re looking at the guy that’s the reason, why college athletes and high-school athletes are getting paid today, – Mr. influence to influencers,” Joel Bauman said, now sporting a studded collar and leather harness. “Secondly, Jimmy Kimmel – viral this, I fight to eradicate childhood malnutrition from the planet. And until they release the flight logs, you, the mainstream media, and Hollywood are all pedophiles to me. Eat d*ck. Am I cancelled yet .com?”

Kimmel’s name has appeared in a fake list that has been circulated online as one of the celebrities accused of visiting Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” in the Caribbean, although there’s no evidence that the late night comedian was ever involved in Epstein’s sex trafficking endeavor.

Some flight logs from Epstein’s private plane, known as the “Lolita Express,” have been released as a result of lawsuits. High profile names included in those logs were former President Bill Clinton, who reportedly took at least 26 flights, and Prince Andrew.

There are also claims that Clinton visited “Pedophile Island,” but the former president adamantly denies any such allegations.

Bauman was in the news earlier this year for admitting at the Fury Fighting Championship that he contracted a case of herpes before a fight, saying that was why he lost a previous bout.

“Last night I was tired, I was exhausted,” Bauman said in May, according to Low Kick MMA. “I’m about to launch this NFT that’s going to change the fight game. And I put in 30 all-nighters before that fight. I had herpes before that fight, two outbreaks in the span of a week. I’m here, I’m healthy, let’s go, whatever. It doesn’t matter.”

Tom Tillison


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