UFC’s Colby Covington rips Travis Kelce for pimping jabs: ‘One of the biggest pieces of sh*t of all time’

Superstar NFL tight end Travis Kelce is “one of the biggest pieces of sh*t of all time” for his pimping of the COVID vaccine, at least in the opinion of UFC star Colby Covington.

Covington weighed in on the Kansas City Chiefs stud who is dominating headlines even more than he dominates on the field because of his romance with pop music megastar Taylor Swift, a relationship that is so incessantly hyped that some feel it is concocted, and the mixed martial arts fighter went there as well.

In remarks made on Patrick Bet-David’s PBD podcast, Covington jabbed Kelce over his appearance in an advertisement for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer during a conversation about professional athletes being muzzled over expressing their real views about the controversial shots.

“I feel bad for these guys where they’re not allowed to express their real thoughts and feelings,” he said of NBA players. “They have to listen to the narrative that’s shoved down their throat from the left in the NBA and there’s one way and if you go up against it then you’re gonna lose your job.”

“I mean, look at what they did to Kyrie Irving,” he said of the former Brooklyn Nets star. “They painted him out in the street like he was the biggest villain of all time,” Covington added. “The guy just you know believes in free speech, believes in his own right to choose what he should do with his body. My body, my choice.”

The topic then turned to Kelce, who has been dubbed “Mr. Pfizer” by his fellow NFL star, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“He’s not like a guy like Travis Kelce out there who’s believing in, ‘Oh, I’m paid off by Pfizer; guys, get two shots at the same time, that’s the healthiest thing you could ever do with your life,'” he said, a reference to Kelce’s ad.

“Dude, two shots?” he said. “I didn’t get the vaccine, I don’t believe in the vaccine, but I’m not against someone that does believe in the vaccine.”

“If you do get the vaccine, you should probably just get one at a time because if there’s an adverse and wrong effect in it, then how are you going to know which one’s the cause of it if you’re getting two at the same time?'” Covington asked. “That’s irresponsible. Travis Kelce is one of the biggest pieces of s*** of all time the fact that he’s advising people to do that.”

“You know he’s not doing it, he’s just telling people to do it because he’s getting paid off and bought for by Pfizer. It’s disgusting,” the UFC star added.

“That’s a fake relationship,” he said of Kelce and Swift. “That’s just the left putting these two powerful figures together so that they can be role models and teach these nasty things to kids of today. You can tell, the left is just going after the most famous people they can, the athletes, celebrities, entertainers, and they’re just getting them to shove their narrative down these kids’ throats.”

Covington isn’t the only one in the MMA world who isn’t down with Kelce’s hustling of the Pfizer shots. UFC President Dana White gave his thoughts on the NFL’s Pfizer shill when asked about him on a recent edition of the Full Send podcast.

“I don’t know him. I don’t know anything about him, other than he’s a good football player,” White said. “He’s getting a lot of attention right now.”

“I don’t know why – unless he’s a believer – why would you promote that garbage? I don’t know why you would do it,” he added.

In the short video spot posted to social media back in September by the eight-time Pro Bowler and four-time first-team All-Pro selection, a female narrator says “Travis, did you know you can get this season’s COVID-19 shot when you get your flu shot?” which is then followed by the human touchdown machine recites the mantra of “two things at once” while engaging in a series of activities including sitting at a massive BBQ grill and flying in the basket of a hot air balloon.

The 30-second spot ends with the burly football player rolling up his own sleeve and proudly showing off the blue bandage where he was allegedly jabbed as the logo for the vast global drug giant flashes on the screen.

Soon after the Pfizer spot, Kelce and Swift became an item.

The promotion of the Kelce-Swift narrative has become an integral part of promoting a league that in recent years has alienated longtime fans as it veered into evangelizing for the “woke” left beginning with the failure to clamp down on militant former quarterback Colin Kaepernick who whipped up players to protest the national anthem by kneeling and thrusting clenched fists in the air, angering a sizable chunk of its fanbase.

Then, with the unfortunate death of  George Floyd, the league ran a deep pattern further to the left by openly championing the Black Lives Matter cause and seeming to suggest that its white fans are racists which persists over three years after the drug addict and career criminal perished while resisting arrest in Minneapolis.

The words “END RACISM” are painted in the end zones of nearly every nationally televised game despite the only form of racism that is institutionalized today is that which is practiced against white people who are constantly denigrated and scapegoated with the White House, sports leagues, the entertainment industry, and Corporate America all doing their part.

Luring the “Swifties” would make good marketing sense with the once-proudly patriotic NFL no longer being the unifying, must-watch experience that it once was and the Swift-Kelce hookup is just the ticket to offset the declining product on the field and political messaging that has led many longtime fans to head for the exits.

NFL fans who tune into tomorrow’s Christmas Day tripleheader will likely get a stocking full of Swift with Kelce certain to see a heavy dose of Patrick Mahomes’ passes thrown in his direction when the reigning Super Bowl champs kick off the day’s festivities in a divisional match against the Las Vegas Raiders at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

Chris Donaldson


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