BREAKING: Ukraine Invasion: Updated – 15:56 – 3/01/2022

15:56 – 3/01/2022

Incredible footage posted online, reportedly from Borodianka, shows a tank firing during the street fighting there and the shell impacting just yards from the camera operator.

15:43 – 3/01/2022

Footage has been posted online allegedly showing the placement of what appears to be infrared beacons set up by pro-Russian saboteurs to enable pinpoint targeting of buildings in Ukraine.

14:37 – 3/01/2022

Indiana Congresswoman Victoria Spartz who was born in Ukraine lambasts the Biden Administration: “This president needs to get his act together and exercise some leadership. What’s happening under his watch is [an] atrocity.”

13:46 – 3/01/2022

As the war for Ukraine continues the first assessments of the Javelin missiles and their lethality against Russian armor are coming in. Concrete numbers are still hard to pin down but estimates put the armor kills between “102 tanks and 536 armored vehicles” and “251 Russian tanks and armored vehicles”

Read the full backgrounder on how the Javelin missile works here

And specifically how the missile has performed against Russia’s in theatre “Cage” modification that were supposed to defeat the Javelins here

(Spoiler Alert: “This would seem like a smart decision, but ultimately futile as these Javelins can punch a hole through the tanks and completely destroy them.”)

Unverified pictures on social media purport to show the arrival of “thousands” of Javelin missiles in to Ukraine.

13:32 – 3/01/2022

There are a flurry of reports on social media that Belarus has invaded Ukraine from the north in an attempt to flank the capitol Kyiv. These reports are still unconfirmed.

Politico reported an hour ago the White House as saying that it sees ‘no indication’ to back these claims.

Footage from Kyiv shows frantic crowds trying to flee in advance of any invasion

12:05 – 2/28/2022

CCTV has captured what it looks like on the ground when Russian rocket artillery hits.

11:58 – 2/28/2022

Heavy shelling by Russian rocket artillery “somewhere between Volnovakha and Mariupol”

11:52 – 2/28/2022

Over the weekend a column of Chechen special forces was wiped out killing one of their senior commanders and also 56 vehicles.


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Unverified footage has now emerged that appears to show the moment when the convoy was hit.


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Russian forces however have continued their assault. Footage has appeared of an Mi-24D “Hind” attack helicopter attacking military targets on a highway being used by civilians.

11:29 – 2/28/2022

Gruesome footage has started to emerge from Ukraine as Putin’s invasion turns its fire on civilians and children are caught in the crossfire.

A young girl was shot and killed in a car as she was traveling with her parents.

Harrowing footage of medical staff frantically trying to save her life was published by the AP. Viewers are warned that the footage is of a graphic nature.

There are also unconfirmed reports of civilians being targeted with an unverified video being posted online of a man’s father being gunned down by Russian troops. Again, viewers are warned about the graphic nature of the footage.

After reports emerged over the weekend of looting fuel and food by russian troops some are seeing it as a faltering of Russia’s invasion. However Russia appears to be bringing in mercenary forces in an attempt to complete its more pressing tactical objectives. The Daily Mail is reporting that a mercenary group has been flown in from Africa to complete the assassination of Ukraine President Zelensky.

16:03 – 2/25/2022

Unconfirmed reports and videos claim to show “Russian Topol-M ICBMs on the move, reportedly in Moscow.”

14:37 – 2/25/2022

As night falls in Ukraine the bombardments continue. There are video reports of explosions in Kharkiv in the east but also around the capitol Kyiv.

Russians are protesting the War in Ukraine, a sign that this is not as widely supported as Russian propaganda would claim.

Senator Marco Rubio has a warning for all sides “At some point someone is going to take actions they may not view as an attack, but that the other side does.”

There are beginning to be moves inside of Nato in response to the invasion.

Former VP Mike Pence is calling for an increase in the sanctions on Russia.

Snake Island, where the Ukrainian soldiers told a Russian warship demanding their surrender to “F**K Off” is back under Ukrainian control

More footage has emerged of the elderly man who’s car was crushed by a Russian Armored vehicle.

A hospital hit during shooting in Melitopol

Protests against the war are happening in Tiblisi Georgia, once also a subject of Putin’s aggression.

Unconfirmed reports say that signs are being painted on roofs of buildings. Some sources say that it is for targeting during air strikes.
“Kyiv city authorities now urgently appeal to residents of high-rise buildings to check their buildings for those tags”

14:22 – 2/25/2022

Ukrainians have been taking to social media showing off their guns and pledging that they will not surrender.

13:18 – 2/25/2022

Background on “The Ghost of Kiev” – Debate is raging online over if the stories about the “Ghost’s” exploits are real. If they are it would mean that they have achieved “Ace” status in one day.

Supplies appear to be coming from Poland (A NATO Member) it is unclear at present if this is Polish supplies or Nato Supplies.

Reports of casualties are starting to trickle out over social media

13:03 – 2/25/2022

This video gives you an idea about the scale of the fire power that is at play in the Ukraine theatre

12:57 – 2/25/2022

How it Started

and how its going

16:15 – 2/24/2022

Ukraine is reportedly throwing open it’s armories, showing a Ukrainian passport will now get you a gun and an anti-tank missile.

American Wire News has spoken to two sources on background who report that the western supplied Javelin anti-tank weapons have been effective against the Russian T90 tanks.

15:55 – 2/24/2022

Unverified footage out of Ukraine appears to show a father saying goodbye to his daughter

15:24 – 2/24/2022

Video posted online shows Russian armor now in control of the facility

After fierce fighting the Chernobyl nuclear facility has fallen to Russian forces.

15:18 – 2/24/2022

The difference between these two scenes is jarring

NBC Post’s Oped “Russia and Ukraine’s conflict isn’t Biden’s fault. But many voters won’t see it that way.”

“China’s state-run TV just ran a show saying that Ukraine’s fate is that of Taiwan so, yeah, things are going great”

John Kerry fears Russia-Ukraine war will distract from climate change

14:18 – 2/24/2022

FOX and CNN went after Biden’s plan for sanctions against Russia at the East Room Press briefing.

09:46 – 2/24/2022

Fighting in Chernobyl has destroyed a nuclear waste storage facility

09:40 – 2/24/2022

Update: The flight of helicopters from earlier now appears to be part of an airborne assault on Antonov International Airport in Hostomel.

09:21 – 2/24/2022

Unconfirmed reports say that Ukrainian forces have begun launching missiles against Russian forces that have occupied Donetsk city

09:06 – 2/24/2022

Footage uploaded to Twitter shows massed flights of helicopters over Vyshhorod in Kyiv Oblast.

They appear to be Russian troop transport helicopters, however the helicopter that flies across the screen in the foreground at 0:04 appears to be a Kamov KA-50 attack helicopter (NATO Designation “Hokum”) that fulfills a similar role in the Russian military as the AH64 “Apache”

08:46 – 2/24/2022

Unconfirmed video of a Russian cruise missile strike on Ivano-Frankivsk airfield.

The beginnings of a massive refugee crisis is brewing as thousands flee Kiev

There are unconfirmed reports that a Ukrainian munitions dump has been hit

08:40 – 2/24/2022

A map has been posted online, reportedly showing where the Russian strikes have taken place and claiming that all military airports have been destroyed.

Ukraine is claiming to have downed “five #Russian planes and one attack helicopter”

Meanwhile “Russia’s Defense Ministry says Ukrainian air defenses have been “neutralized”.”

08:30 – 2/24/2022

Videos posted to social media reportedly showing damage to civilian buildings after Russian strikes on Ukrainian Air Force assets

08:27 – 2/24/2022

“Air raid sirens all over Kiev now as fighter jets fly over the capital.
Ukraine is under attack.”

00:43 – 2/24/2022

“Speaker of the Ukraine parliament Stefanchuk is filmed fleeing Kiev with his family”

00:41 – 2/24/2022

*Senior Ukrainian Official: Believe Hundreds of Ukrainian Soldiers Died in Russian Air Strikes, Missile Attacks — WSJ

00:40 – 2/24/2022

Footage from Ukranian border cams appear to show Belarusian forces rolling over the northern border


00:37 – 2/24/2022

There are unconfirmed reports of explosions 100kms from the Polish border

00:33 – 2/24/2022

00:28 – 2/24/2022

Unconfirmed reports on social media from the ground in Ukraine

Ballistic missiles launching reportedly towards Ukraine

Ukrainian Su-25’s reportedly in the air.

00:14 – 2/24/2022

“Biden just got off the phone with Zelenskyy. He says the Ukrainian president called him.”

00:11 – 2/24/2022

Fox News Reporter Try Yingst in Kiev is reporting:

00:06 – 2/24/2022


00:03 – 2/24/2022

Footage reportedly posted by a Russian soldier as tanks roll in to Ukriane.

00:00 – 2/24/2022

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense

11:44 – 2/23/2022

Unconfirmed videos appear to show bombardment turning day to night in Mariupol

11:40 – 2/23/2022


11:40 – 2/23/2022

This is just a scary phrase to hear:

“You are likely in the last few hours of peace on the European continent for a long time to come.”

11:34 – 2/23/2022

Videos posted to Twitter appear to show civilians fleeing Kiev

23:28 – 2/23/2022

More reports of strikes inside Ukraine

White House will address the invasion “tomorrow in the early afternoon”



23:28 – 2/23/2022

According to tweets: Martial Law has been declared in Ukraine

The Empire State Building has been light up with the colors of the Ukrainian flag

Twitter’s Safety account is posting advice for accounts inside Ukraine:


23:18 – 2/23/2022

Unconfirmed videos out of Ukraine posted to social media show huge explosions that are claimed to be happening in the Sumy region

23:18 – 2/23/2022

The two sides of the war in Ukraine.


DEATH FROM ABOVE: Fears Putin will deploy Russia’s terrifying thermobaric rocket launchers that can ‘explode’ enemy’s lungs in Ukraine



23:09 – 2/23/2022

The London Daily Mail is reporting:

“Explosions rock Kiev and Odessa moments after Putin orders invasion, saying he wants to ‘demilitarize’ and not occupy Ukraine then tells opposition soldiers to lay down their arms – in 5.50am address to his nation

22:57 – 2/23/2022

Unconfirmed reports on Instagram are claiming civilian flights are clearing Ukrainian airspace


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22:53 – 2/23/2022

Ranking Member of the US Senate intelligence committee Marco Rubio (FL) just tweeted.

18:12 – 2/21/2022

A tweet by Ali Rogin, foreign affairs producer for PBS News Hour appears to show that the Biden Administration is backing off from its hard line on sanctions against Russia in the face of the invasion, even going so far as to call out a “new ambiguity that, up until now, the administration has not employed”

17:45 – 2/21/2022

Video posted online shows a group of people letting off fireworks and waving Russian flags in Donetsk square.

17:36 – 2/21/2022

Videos posted to Twitter in the last 20 minutes appear to show convoys of Russian vehicles making their way in to Donbass


The actions came as President Putin was giving an address on Russian TV

14:48 – 2/21/2022

Russian President Putin has formally recognized the eastern separatist areas of Ukraine as independent.

The Daily Mail reports “Having spent days staging what are widely thought to be false flag attacks and blaming them on Kiev, Kremlin officials presented them as ‘evidence’ that ethnic Russians are at risk of ‘genocide’ and must be protected.”

Russian Tanks have been spotted in the border regions “in ‘battle formation'”

Unconfirmed social media posts from the border region have reported continued shelling by “Russian Hybrid Forces near Shchastya”




13:16- 2/21/2022

The Financial Times of London is reporting a Russian statement that it destroyed two Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicle that crossed in to Russian territory.

Posts on social media are already questioning the Russian narrative of an incursion using meta data from videos the Russians posted which they say proves that the videos were faked. At this time there is no independent corroboration of those claims.



18:17 – 2/18/2022

Developing: Unverified Footage has been posted to Instagram of a large fire lighting up the night sky in the disputed Donbas region of Ukraine. The caption to the footage (originally posted by the account @301arm)  states that “Reports have been made of an explosion on a section of the Druzhba oil pipeline in #Luhansk. The section of pipeline (likely a small feeder line) allegedly damaged by the explosion is part of a system that supplies much of Europe’s oil.”

Reuters is now confirming “A part of a gas pipeline near Luhansk, one of the main cities in Ukraine’s breakaway region of People’s Republic of Luhansk, caught fire late on Friday after a blast, Russian news agencies reported, citing correspondents on the ground.”



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13:04 – 2/18/2022

The Evening Standard of London is reporting that Russia now has 190,00 troops in the Ukraine theatre

“Moscow-backed separatists in the east of the country announced an evacuation of their breakaway region’s residents to Russia.”

The Daily Mail is reporting “Putin finally ‘springs his false flag’: ‘Car bomb’ rocks Ukrainian separatist capital in ‘assassination attempt'”

The explosion first reported by Russia’s state news agency happened outside the headquarters of the separatist government in the break away region of Donetsk. Analysts have long feared that President Putin will use a “false flag” action in the separatist region to justify his annexation of eastern Ukraine.



11429EST – 2/17/2022

This clip from Russian TV purports that martial law has been declared in Ukraine and the security forces have been executing anyone who dissents. There is no indication from any other reporting on the ground in Ukraine that this is the case.



1336EST – 2/17/2022

Posts on Social Media are reporting violations along the northern and northeastern border of Ukraine.

Unconfirmed reports are claiming “29 ceasefire violations since midnight to 11am.” These violations were apparently conducted with “122mm, 120mm artillery, 82 mm mortars, grenade launchers.”




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