TIPP: Countering Chinese hegemony in the Pacific

By TIPP EDITORIAL BOARD TIPP Insights President Biden is hosting leaders from the Pacific Islands, at the White House, in what is termed a “historic” event today. […]

TIPP: NSA jeopardizes national security!

By TIPPINSIGHTS EDITORIAL BOARD, TIPP Insights In July, we noted how Jake Sullivan, President Biden’s National Security Adviser, had committed a $600 billion blunder by steadfastly committing America to […]

TIPP poll: Trump suffers zero electoral fallout from FBI’s Mar-A-Lago raid

By Terry Jones, TIPP Insights Did the Aug. 8 raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home damage his electoral chances for 2024 and those of the […]

Newsom calls for Dem overhaul saying ‘ruthless’ GOP is ‘winning’

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is expected to be reelected in November with ease, traveled to Austin, Texas over the weekend and called on the Democratic Party […]

TIPP Insights: Americans worry about utility bills amid Bidenflation

By TIPP INSIGHTS EDITORIAL BOARD, TIPP Insights As Bidenflation rages like wildfire at 12.6%, two-thirds (65%) of Americans are concerned about their ability to pay utility bills. The shocking […]

TIPP Insights: China’s illegal policing beyond its borders

By TIPPINSIGHTS EDITORIAL BOARD, TIPP Insights It is well known that China does not tolerate criticism – especially from its citizens. Freedom on the mainland is limited, […]

TIPP Insights: Economy – the decider in the midterms

By TIPPINSIGHTS EDITORIAL BOARD, TIPP Insights With Bidenflation running at 12.6%, Americans are hurting. Energy is up 43%, and food prices are up 15% since President Biden took office […]

TIPP Poll: By 2-to-1, voters call Biden MAGA remarks divisive

By Terry Jones, TIPP Insights President Biden’s recent comments about Trump supporters espousing “semi-fascism” and accusing the former president’s followers of representing “an extremism that threatens the very foundations […]

TIPP Insights: 9/11 – A time to reflect

By TIPPINSIGHTS EDITORIAL BOARD, TIPP Insights 9/11 is one of the darkest days that America and Americans have witnessed. On that fateful day, nearly three thousand Americans […]

TIPP: Six charts show how Americans perceive the FBI’s actions

By TIPP EDITORIAL BOARD, TIPP Insights Americans feel that the FBI’s actions have been harsher on Republicans and lenient towards Democrats. Further, Americans’ perception of the FBI […]

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