DC mayor heads to Dubai on a mission for climate change as crime consumes her city

With public emergencies on the bos, including out-of-control violent crime, D.C.’s mayor hightailed it out of town to pitch tourism and tout climate change. It’s been two […]

Liz Warren ridiculed over stand against ‘sandwich shop monopoly’

Senator Elizabeth Warren set off a wave of social media ridicule after her serious take on a “sandwich shop monopoly.” The Massachusetts Democrat is all for a […]

Claim that 21-year-old hostage showed ‘appreciation and thanks’ to Hamas at release draws viral backlash

Relief over the release of some hostages by Hamas to a “f*cking lunatic” twist when one “journalist” to a stab at propagandizing for terrorists. “I’d say that […]

‘He’s so creepy’: Biden’s remark about 4-year-old girl released by Hamas draws scrutiny

With the release Sunday of 4-year-old U.S.-Israeli citizen Abigail Idan, the first American being held hostage by the terrorist group Hamas, President Biden scrambled before the media […]

Pro-Hamas activist fact checked over blatantly false claim about disfigured Israeli hostage

A pro-Hamas social media influencer was caught spreading a malicious lie that a woman who was released from Israeli captivity as a part of those weekend’s prisoner […]

Univision still feels sting of Trump interview

Latino leftists have been steaming over Univision’s recent “softball” interview with former President Donald J. Trump which wasn’t adversarial enough to their liking, and now star anchor […]

MMA fighter Conor McGregor being investigated for ‘online hate speech’ in Ireland: report

The Irish have apparently had their fill of “cultural enrichers” from foreign lands wreaking havoc in their country, as seen in the reaction to an Algerian immigrant […]

Dem lawmaker, primary challenger: It’s ‘delusional’ to think Biden can beat Trump

White House challenger lobbed a reality check at support for incumbent suggesting belief he can beat former President Donald Trump again is “usional.” Dousing cold water […]

Stephen Miller can’t help but admire the ‘horrible art’ of media bias in reporting on Ireland riots

The Washington Post was excoriated by critics after it published a fraudulent tweet Friday about the recent riots in Dublin, Ireland. As previously reported, riots erupted in […]

Retired cop detained after ‘isolated incident’ results in death of CIA contractor outside Vegas mall

A CIA computer system contractor was fatally shot outside a Las Vegas shopping mall on Tuesday, and a retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) officer has […]

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