UN climate adviser calls for whites to be stripped of power

One of United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres’ personally selected advisers has been outed as a rabid anti-white racist and bigot.

Ayisha Siddiqa is her name, and she’s a Pakistani American and proud Marxist who serves as a climate change adviser to Guterres.

When not busy advising Guterres, she can be spotted on the social media platform X spouting anti-West, anti-white, and anti-sane dogma.

In an X post published in May of 2020, she admitted that she “got into climate activism” not “to protect the environment” but to disseminate her anti-West propaganda to the rest of the world.

“You want to know why I got into climate activism, it wasn’t because I wanted to protect the environment (although that is a very valid reason),” the post reads. “I became involved [because] the West slaughtered, bombed and starved my people to death in the name of oil. And no one talks about it.”

“When I think of fossil fuel, I don’t think of pollution… I think of… organized terrorism and I think of demolished democracies at the hands of the West,” she wrote in a separate post in November 2020.

To her, not surprisingly, members of the West are the real terrorists, while actual terrorists, particularly Islamic terrorists, are the good guys.

“Why is it that when non-white nations stand up against bombing, and pillaging of natural resources they are immediately vilified. and that vilification is attributed to an innate problem in their psyche or concept of living known as religion,” she wrote in an April 2021 post.

“There is a reason why the phrase Islamic terrorism is only 60ish years old. This vocabulary was invented to justify covert Western imperialism,” the sinister post continues.

In addition to being pro-Islamic terrorism, Siddiqa also believes “the white man has brought life as we know it, to the verge of extinction.”

She also thinks white people should be stripped of power when it comes to resolving climate change.

“We’re allowing white people to have too much space and giving them too much attention for their empty words of solidarity. … Just as the Black Lives Matter movement belongs exclusively to Black people. Non-Black + white people have absolutely no prerogative or authority to lead the movement,” she wrote on X in 2020.

In fairness to her, she’s an equal opportunity offender who doesn’t appear to see the world in shades of right/left. For example, in 2020 she called current President Joe Biden a “war criminal.”

But for the most part, she does seem to side with the left, as demonstrated by her defense of looting following the violent, deadly Black Lives Matter riots of 2020:

She went on to argue that the radicalism, hatred, and violence perpetrated by BLM is what climate activists should seek to emulate.

“The BLM movement has served as a rude but imperative awakening for the climate movement b/c it has shown us what protest actually looks like,” she tweeted. “When you are a credible threat to power, you don’t get to make a brand out of pain, or attain permits & permission to take to the streets.”

And lastly, it should come as no surprise that Siddiqa is rabidly against capitalism, despite capitalism being the cornerstone of the country she’s chosen to live in.

“Capitalism is the manifestation of racism,” she tweeted in 2020.

Vivek Saxena


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