USDA uses a familiar scapegoat for rising price of Thanksgiving, crickets on Biden’s inflation

As President Biden pardons the turkeys for this year, the cost of Thanksgiving dinner has jumped 20 percent due to inflation while the USDA blames Russia’s war in Ukraine instead of Democrat policies for the massive rise in prices.

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The Department of Agriculture dutifully deflected from President Biden’s responsibility for the economy-killing inflation that is currently strangling the United States and making it very difficult for families to put food on the table this Thanksgiving.

A memo from the USDA put out in November asserts that turkey prices will be higher this year because of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreak. It led to the slaughter of 8 million turkeys in 2022 but was hardly a blip in the news. The agency also went on to blame “Russia’s war on Ukraine and drought across the United States” hitting all the Democratic talking points including climate change to avoid the blame for “pushing up the price of Thanksgiving staples.”

The mantra of blaming Russia for any economic bad news has been a mainstay of the Biden administration and the propaganda has sifted down through all the attendant federal agencies, especially the USDA.

Biden, when confronted with skyrocketing food and energy prices, blames “Putin’s price hike” instead of inflation that has been instigated by his policies. His own administration’s data shows that inflation kicked in and started shooting up right after he took office in February 2021, which was before the Russian incursion began.

When Russia invaded Ukraine in late February 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that consumer prices were up 7.5% for the year ending in January 2022. Inflation rose as high as 9.1% by the end of June 2022.

Due to those statistics that are hitting families hard in the wallet, the pardoning of the two turkeys this year rings hollow with many Americans as they experience what the American Farm Bureau says is the most expensive Thanksgiving in history.

(Video Credit: ABC News)

Cue the lame excuses by the USDA. In its memo, it asserts that the Biden administration has been successful in fighting higher prices at the grocery store by noting that the 0.4% increase in grocery prices in October was the “smallest increase since December of last year.” But that belies the fact that inflation is still raging after being created by massive overspending by Democrats, and that inflation is still increasing.

The memo also severely underreports the level of inflation. Instead of the actual 20% jump, the USDA is claiming that Thanksgiving dinner, including retail staples like a fresh turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and green beans will only cost about 1% more this year than last year, and that substituting in a frozen turkey means a 6% increase.

The cost of stuffing mix, frozen pie crusts, whipping cream, frozen peas, and dinner rolls have all increased by more than 20% according to the American Farm Bureau.

Turkey prices allegedly haven’t jumped as much despite the bird flu kill-off. Beth Breeding, who is the vice president of communications and marketing at the National Turkey Federation, points out that grocery stores typically lower turkey prices closer to Thanksgiving and use turkeys as loss-leaders to bring in customers, according to Fox News.

But turkey prices are higher than they were last year. They reportedly rose from approximately 93 cents a pound to $1 a pound, or 7%. And those costs vary, being higher in different parts of the country.

Most Americans are not blaming the Russians for the abhorrent cost of Thanksgiving this year. They are looking much closer to home to lay blame.


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