Veterans Affairs uses ‘Genderbread Person’ to explain spectrum of biological sex, they also play ‘Privilege Bingo’

Woke diversity training is sweeping federal agencies with the Department of Veteran Affairs now using a “Genderbread Person” to teach that biological sex is a spectrum while having employees engage in “Privilege Bingo.”

(Video Credit: National Review)

According to the Wall Street Journal, multiple federal agencies are engaging in this nonsense.

The “Genderbread Person” is used to reeducate VA employees about gender, sex, and sexuality. The graphic representation suggests that biological sex itself is a spectrum.

The VA’s “Managing Gender Diversity” training purportedly has sections on pronouns and embraces “gender-expansiveness.” One slide lists terms, including “gender fluid” and “pansexual,” while instructing employees to “List your personal ‘biases’ in the BIAS box.”

“Privilege Bingo” is being used as part of the agency’s training where employees are taught that factors such as being “married,” “military experience,” and “no criminal record,” make them “privileged.”

The nuttery doesn’t stop at the VA either. NASA training is now apparently teaching that the term “African American” is offensive, suggesting that it is “utilized heavily in white spaces” and “can make black people feel excluded as the term tends to ‘other.’” The government agency is also pushing the whole “microaggression” nonsense on its workforce, suggesting that they are just as bad as actual active racial discrimination.

NASA is identifying expressions such as “America is a melting pot,” “There is only one race, the human race,” and “Oh, you haven’t been to Europe? You really should go,” as psychologically and physically harmful to minorities.

“NASA says beware of micro-inequities. And if U.S. Army servicewomen express ‘discomfort showering with a female who has male genitalia,’ what’s the brass’s reply? Talk to your commanding officer, but toughen up,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

The report also delved into diversity training in the military.

“Asked for its diversity training, the U.S. Army offered three modules on transgender policy, one for ‘Commanders at all levels,’ another for ‘Special Staff,’ and a third for ‘Units and Soldiers.’ Notable is a series of vignettes that cover pronoun usage, urinalysis observation, and a serviceman who wants ‘to discuss his newly confirmed pregnancy.’ With respect to showers, schedules can be adjusted or curtains installed. But a soldier’s gender in the Army’s system governs which facilities are used. Accommodating only a transgender soldier is prohibited,” the Wall Street Journal continued.

“Also, stiff upper lip: ‘Anyone may encounter individuals in barracks, bathrooms, or shower facilities with physical characteristics of the opposite sex.’ Transgender soldiers aren’t ‘required or expected to modify or adjust their behavior based on the fact that they do not ‘match’ other Soldiers,'” the report contends.

The media outlet struggled to get the information, having to wade through paperwork and battle via the Freedom of Information Act. Many federal agencies are refusing to reveal if they are using this type of training.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spent $313,000 on a number of racially divisive “equity” training series according to the report. It was spent on courses such as “8 Tactics for Courageous Workplace Conversations About Race,” “Let’s Talk About Systemic Racism, Unconscious Bias and Privilege,” and “Silence is a Statement: Understanding Race in the Workplace.”

A Department of Homeland Security presentation on “Inclusive Diversity” put forth that micro-inequities can be fought by micro-affirmations. “Social and Physical Pain Produce Similar Brain Responses,” the training asserts while using a cartoon rendition of two brain scans.

But wait… there’s more.

The Wall Street Journal also highlights that “A National Science Foundation seminar presents data about the race and gender of the NSF’s workforce, before sending participants to breakout rooms to discuss. A National Endowment for the Arts program offers definitions for terms such as ‘White Fragility,’ ‘Heterosexism,’ and ‘Misogynoir.'”

The Environmental Protection Agency’s courses include “Everyday Anti-Racism” and “Psychological Safety: Building a Culture of Inclusion and Innovation.” The Food and Drug Administration offers a two-hour seminar called, “Checking Your Blindspot: Ways to Find and Fix Unconscious Bias.”

Most of this came into being during the Biden administration. This is how Americans’ tax dollars are being spent by our progressive, diverse, and woke government.

The revelation of federal agencies engaging in even more diversity training using the “Genderbread Person” was mocked on Twitter:


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