Video shows Whitmer, Dems celebrate MI becoming first state in 58 years to repeal ‘right-to-work’ law

Democrats are in celebration mode now that Michigan, a Democrat-led state, has officially eliminated the right for employees to choose whether or not to ally themselves with a union.

“Michigan, long known as a mainstay of organized labor, on Friday became the first state in decades to repeal a union-restricting law known as ‘right-to-work’ that was passed over a decade ago by a Republican-controlled Legislature,” the Associated Press reported.

“The state’s ‘right-to-work’ law had allowed those in unionized workplaces to opt out of paying union dues and fees. Its repeal is seen as a major victory for organized labor with union membership reaching an all-time low last year.”

With the “right-to-work” law now nixed, anyone who works at an organization where a union exists MUST join the union and pay it dues, even if they personally would rather not join and take part.

Democrats are very happy about this.

Watch Whitmer and her staff celebrating below:

“Today, we are coming together to restore workers’ rights, protect Michiganders on the job, and grow Michigan’s middle class,” the governor reportedly said in a statement.

Both her celebration dance and statement provoked quite a bit of pushback, with critics noting that depriving people of their rights has nothing whatsoever to do with restoring “workers’ rights.”


The elimination of Michigan’s “right-to-work” law also prompted celebration from President Joe Biden, also a far-leftist.

“Unions made Michigan a hub of American business, and an engine of America’s middle class. A strong middle class benefits everybody. Michigan is leading as a great place to be a worker and a great place to do business,” he tweeted Friday afternoon.

Interestingly, his remarks spurred backlash from the other side — from fellow leftists. Why? Because while Whitmer is a union-supporting leftist, at least she’s a consistent one. Unlike the president.

Recall that three months ago the president signed a bill to block a national U.S. railroad strike by dozens of railroad unions.

“It was tough for me but it was the right thing to do at the moment — save jobs, to protect millions of working families from harm and disruption and to keep supply chains stable around the holidays,” he said at the time, adding that blocking the strike helped avoid “an economic catastrophe.”

Recall also how the president has shut down several pipelines, thus costing even more union jobs.

Based on all this, critics say the president has no room to be celebrating Whitmer’s “victory” in Michigan:

Conservatives have long argued in favor of “right-to-work” laws on the basis that employees shouldn’t be forced to join a union, and because they’re better for the economy.

“Families have higher after-tax income and an increased spending capacity compared to their counterparts in states without right-to-work legislation,” according to LawDistrict.

“Statistics from the Department of Labor report higher growth in manufacturing, combined with lower unemployment rates. When states are struggling with high unemployment rates, right-to-work laws encourage new investors, who then create new jobs.”

Vivek Saxena


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