Watch: Good Samaritans sweep in when Florida man seen allegedly beating his dog with a chain

Good Samaritans swept in to stop a Florida man when they spotted him allegedly brutally beating his own dog with a metal chain.

“KUDOS to these folks who stepped up…”

(Video: WESH)

Thursday near a Circle K gas station in Deltona, Florida, 31-year-old Jose Rivera was arrested after a violent altercation followed a confrontation over how he was said to have been abusing his dog.

“What I witness yesterday was ridiculous,” Raymon Prush told WESH after stepping forward to intervene to save the cowed canine. “The dog just turned its head to smell the tire, and he yanked the dog and hit the dog in the face with the chain.”

According to Prush, who could be seen in a video shared by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department approaching the suspect before later placing him a hold near the gas pumps, the chain said to have been striking the dog was metal and, after he proceeded to yell at the suspect, “That’s when he started wailing the dog numerous times. Whipping him until the chain broke. Once that happened, the dog got behind me.”

The man wasn’t alone in intervening as the dog could be seen bolting to safety while the suspect turned his focus to Prush whom he allegedly punched in the face. According to Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood, “A 13-year-old then steps in. He swings and tries to hit the 13-year-old. And then another couple manages to get the dog away from him and get the dog inside their vehicle. He then attacks that couple as well.”

Prush had voiced his concern over how routine the alleged abuse may have been as he described, saying, “She was running scared. But she — I don’t know how many times she received these beating. It was like she wasn’t defending herself against this. She was just receiving.”

A later portion in the video montage showed law enforcement arriving on the scene to find the suspect with a bloodied forehead before he was placed in cuffs while being told he was failing to follow instructions.

“This guy’s got a problem with his anger,” Chitwood told WESH. “And, you know, I’m very, very proud of the residents of Deltona that saw what was happening. I mean, as young as 13 knew, we got to do something here where this dog could end up dead.”

He reiterated his praise on social media sharing the video with the caption, “KUDOS to these folks who stepped up, intervened and called 911! Thank you all!! I’m told the dog is doing OK and has been placed in a home where this scumbag abuser won’t be around to inflict any more damage.”

According to WESH, while Rivera was held on a $51,000 bond facing charges that included felony cruelty towards an animal, child abuse, battery and resisting an officer, the dog had been turned over to the custody of an ex-girlfriend whom he is no longer associated with.

Kevin Haggerty


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