Watters confronts defensive Lindsey Graham on poorly-timed bill: ‘If you expect me to sit on the sidelines…’

Harold Hutchison, DCNF

Fox News host Jesse Watters grilled Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina Wednesday evening about Graham’s abortion legislation.

“Terrible timing, terrible tactics,” Watters told Graham during the interview, during which Watters question Graham’s timing in proposing the Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act that Graham introduced Tuesday.


“No one is saying you need to sit on the sidelines, but yesterday wasn’t the day to do that,” Watters told Graham. “Yesterday was the day they lost all momentum when this inflation thing punched them right in the face and you gave them an out. A lot of people don’t like that. You could have done it on any other day, just like you could have delayed the whole press conference, like Joe should have delayed that stupid party.”

Graham defended the decision to introduce the legislation, pointing to efforts by Democrats to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would override many restrictions on abortion, including parental consent laws.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned Roe v. Wade, while upholding a law that prohibited most abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy.

“I’m proudly pro-life and I have no apology for being pro-life. And there’s no bad time to defend the unborn,” Graham said. “If you expect me to sit on the sidelines and watch the Democratic Party pass the most radical abortion law in the country, you are pointing to the wrong guy. Schumer and Pelosi have proposed a law for the entire nation that would allow abortion on demand until the point of birth.”

“We should have done it yesterday. We should have done it the day before,” Graham said.

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