Watters sees no end to Ukraine war and payouts: Zelensky’s a ‘charming’ guy, ‘but he’s a killer’

Fox News host Jesse Watters reacted on Wednesday to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visiting Washington in search of billions of dollars to fund his country’s war with Russia, asserting that he will never surrender and that “The guy’s charming, but he’s a killer.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

The reactions from “The Five” panelists seemed to be mixed just as they are from the American people.

Jeanine Pirro praised Zelenskyy’s character on the one hand while questioning why the United States is spending so much on the country’s war. The US has given far, far more to Ukraine than any other country. She wondered why we are throwing money at a foreign conflict when we won’t address the catastrophe on our own southern border.

Leftist Harold Ford took the predictable stance put forth by Democrats, that the border crisis and the war in Ukraine are two separate issues. More and more Americans frankly don’t see it that way anymore considering the amount of money being spent overseas instead of handling our own issues at home as we stand on a financial precipice.

Ford almost waxed poetic, proclaiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin “clearly underestimated the desire, the hunger, the appetite that the Ukrainians have to determine their own future, the future of their land, the future of their children.”

“And I, too, like the sense of humor that Zelenskyy, who’s at war, is still able to have a chuckle and have a sense of humor about where he is. And I think I guess, lastly, the fact that President Biden has also said to him. We want you to be comfortable, but we want a negotiated settlement to this. I think that came across two or three times in President Biden’s remarks, and I’m glad he’s leaving room for that because that’s the only way this is going to end,” Ford insisted.

Zelenskyy’s never going to surrender and he’s never going to negotiate. The guy’s charming, but he’s a killer,” Watters explosively commented next.

“And the fact that he spoke English tells me. That’s not happening because he said the country wants vengeance and you understand it because you have widows, you have mothers, you have brothers that saw their sons get hacked down by this Putin war machine. And they’re not going to say, okay, let’s cut a deal, let’s do some reparations. You keep the east,” he asserted.

“They’re going to do everything they can to expel the Russians out of that territory. And then they’re going to bring up some of these Russian generals on war crimes. That’s what they want,” Watters added.

“Biden said the right thing, I guess, but I want to hear the man speak from the heart or the brain instead of speaking from his notes because that whole thing was choreographed. These were preselected questions. He knew what was coming. And I expect more from the commander-in-chief,” he noted.

Then Watters got to the heart of the matter, which is the Patriot Missile System that Biden is handing to Zelenskyy. It is an escalation in the war and Russia no doubt sees it as exactly that.

“The Patriot missile system is an escalation. This is our most high-tech system. It’s an air defense system that we have guys trained for three years how to operate. You don’t just hand this thing over and say, ‘Ukraine, go for it,’” he correctly surmised.

“You’re sending it advisors over to Ukraine on the ground to operate the system for them. So when the missiles are coming in, this thing better be 100%. Because if we have guys on the ground there getting shot down by Putin’s missiles, that’s going to be a real problem. So Putin’s going to now target the Patriot missile defense system because that’s a huge propaganda win for him if he could get a missile through. But I guess it’s better than having these missiles rained down on these civilian centers. Yeah, because he’s just been crushing these utility companies, these water systems, and causing mass civilian casualties,” Watters stated.

“It just looks like to me that May… or this winter’s not really going to decide anything. In May, you hear it’s the muddy season’s over… Putin’s bringing in 500,000 new guys. Ukraine has captured basically like an entire battalion of tanks and Russian artillery. They’re going to get those things repaired and it’s going to be a huge collision in the spring. And we’re going to find out who’s going to win this thing, hopefully,” he concluded.

“I’ll have just a quick comment before we get Greg’s, which is I wonder, at what point does Biden start to lean on Zelenskyy a little bit more for a negotiated settlement? Because Zelenskyy has said we need all of 2023 in order to beat them back. But then you’re getting right into 2024 and then there’s perhaps a different political calculation. And I’m sure that the Biden team will not want to be dealing with this in 2024,” co-host Dana Perino pointed out.

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