‘Way bigger than the Super Bowl’: IDF forces rescues two hostages from Hamas captivity

After Americans watched the Super Bowl and leftists swooned over Taylor Swift, the IDF rescued two more hostages from Hamas captivity.

Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly nailed it, “Way bigger than the Super Bowl. Wow.”

Her comment came after reporter Yashar Ali posted on X, “BREAKING The IDF, in a joint operation with Shin Bet, has rescued two hostages from Rafah. Fernando Simon Marman (60) and Louis Har (70) are now at the hospital and in good condition.”

Fernando Marman, 60, and Louis Har, 70, were rescued by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), the Israeli Securities Authority, and Israeli police early Monday at approximately 1 a.m. according to Fox News. The two men were held in the Gaza city of Rafah and had been kept hostage for over four months. It’s a miracle they are still alive.

Marman and Har were evacuated by helicopter to Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer inside Israel and are said to be in good shape. They hugged and held tight to their families as they were reunited at the hospital.

“The hostages … were held captive in harsh conditions. They were intentionally held in the middle of a civilian neighborhood inside a civilian building to try to prevent us from rescuing them. But we did,” IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari reported in a video message released early Monday morning. “Fernando Marmon and Luis Har are now home in Israel. They have undergone medical examination and have been reunited with their families.”

“This rescue mission underscores the importance of our ground operation in Gaza, including Rafah, when conditions allow. One hundred and thirty-four men, women, children and elderly are still being held hostage in Gaza,” Hagari noted. “We have a moral obligation to bring all our hostages home, and that is an obligation that we will continue doing everything – everything in our power – to fulfill.”

The two men were taken captive by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7 at the Nir Yitzhak kibbutz. That’s the day that Hamas launched its attack against Israel, slaughtering more than 1,200 and taking hundreds of hostages. They executed hundreds they caught or went door to door to find, raped men and women, and murdered children as well.

(Video Credit: Sky News)

“Forces from the IDF Navy SEALs, the Shin Bet special operations unit and the Israeli police counterterrorism unit arrived at a building in Rafah to carry out the rescue operation, according to the IDF. The operation took place at around 1 a.m. local time,” Fox News reported.

“Fernando and Louis, welcome home,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the men via a statement. “I salute our brave fighters for the daring action that led to their release. Only continued military pressure, until total victory, will bring the release of all our hostages. We will not miss any opportunity to bring them home.”

The IDF reportedly was able to reach the building and then covertly gain entrance on the second floor. They then blew in the door of the apartment where the men were being held and killed three terrorists according to an IDF spokesperson.

“The IDF and Shin Bet had been working on the operation for several weeks based on intelligence, an IDF official told Axios. The Israeli Air Force conducted heavy strikes in Rafah as a diversion to allow the rescue,” Fox News stated.

(Video Credit: NBC News)

According to the Hamas-run Ministry of Health in Gaza and Al Jazzera, dozens of Palestinians were killed in the bombing. Their numbers are always suspect and it might be pointed out that if Israeli hostages were not being held in their midst using civilians as human shields, no one would have died.

More than a dozen airstrikes, flares, and Apache helicopter fire were seen by witnesses, according to the Associated Press.

Axios is reporting that Israeli officials notified the Biden administration after the hostages were rescued. Predictably, crickets from the White House ensued.

“As of Monday, 134 of the more than 240 hostages abducted on Oct. 7 remain in Gaza. More than 100 were freed as part of a temporary cease-fire deal in November. This includes Har’s wife, who is also Marman’s sister, and Marman’s other sister and niece,” Fox News added.

“Qatar and Egypt have been attempting to mediate a new hostage deal, but Israel and Hamas have yet to reach an agreement,” the news outlet concluded.

The IDF announced the deaths of two soldiers killed during fighting in southern Gaza’s Khan Younis on Sunday as well, according to the Times of Israel.

They are:

  • Sgt. First Class Adi Eldor, 21, of the Commando Brigade’s Maglan unit, from Haifa.
  • Sgt. First Class (res.) Alon Kleinman, 21, of the Commando Brigade’s Maglan unit, from Tel Aviv.


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