‘We do not share your demonic values’: Pelosi shredded for her very own ‘basket of deplorables’ moment

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) voiced exactly what she thinks of those who support former President Trump, engaging in her own hateful “basket of deplorables” moment during a recent interview.

(Video Credit: Bloomberg Television)

During an interview with Bloomberg Television, Pelosi trashed conservatives, claiming they either didn’t value the dignity of “every person” or were “afraid” of change. Her sentiment strongly echoes that of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

She also referred to the “malignancy of Trump” being a “cancerous situation” in America. Then she hypocritically urged the Republican Party to “remember its heritage” while speaking with Bloomberg reporter Francine Lacqua in Venice, Italy, on Thursday.

Evidently, Pelosi is no longer constrained since she stopped being speaker of the House and feels she can come right out and say what she really thinks of Trump supporters.

Lacqua propped up Pelosi in the interview, pointing out that she had “stood up against President Trump many times” while he was president.

“I didn’t stand up to him many times,” Pelosi asserted. “I stood up to him once. It lasted a very long time.

She contended that the lengths to which Trump will go to obtain what he wants are “frightening.”

“So he was clever — undermine the press, undermine the rule of law, ‘I’m above the law,'” Pelosi falsely claimed. “So seeing the length to which he will go, of course, is more frightening. He’s a threat to our democracy, but we intend to win.”

Lacqua pointed out to the radical Democrat that Trump is “so popular with the voters.”

“Well, he’s popular with his group,” Pelosi sneered.

The reporter then went on to ask Pelosi if she was “surprised” by Trump’s popularity with his supporters.

Pelosi interjected, quipping that “surprised” wasn’t the word that comes to mind.

It’s interesting to see how there’s a certain element of the population who would just go for him,” she noted.

That “certain element” is potentially Pelosi’s “basket of deplorables” moment and she could care less it would seem.

“They’re people we would probably never get. They don’t share our values in terms of respect for the dignity and worth of every person and the rest,” Pelosi declared.

She accused Trump supporters of being fearful of change for the nation.

“But there are some who are supporting him who are just afraid,” she charged, once again vilifying Trump and outright lying about his supporters. “They don’t see a place for their families in the future.”

They’re concerned about globalization, they’re concerned about immigration, they’re concerned about innovation. They’re concerned about diversity, women, minorities, LGBTQ, other people coming into the leadership arena, and that’s to be respected,” Pelosi intoned.

“So I respect all of the people of America, and when people ask me, ‘Are you afraid of what might happen?’ I say no, because of the goodness of the American people, the strength of our democracy. We will prevail, and my motto is, ‘The flag is still there,’ as we say in our national anthem,” she spewed.

Her reminder to the GOP to respect its heritage was rich in its hypocrisy considering our country is based on a free Republic and it is the Democrats who have forgotten what the Founding Fathers and the Constitution stood for. She used that insinuation as a basis to urge conservatives to dump Trump.

“You’re not a cult to a thug. You’re a great, Grand Old Party — and recapture that,” she stated.

“So hopefully, as soon as we get through this, shall we say, cancerous situation that we’re in — the malignancy of Trump — they will emerge in a strong way with the leadership that I know is there in the Republican Party,” Pelosi declared. “Not necessarily in the Congress, but in the country.”

Users on X thrashed Pelosi over her trashing of Trump supporters:

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