‘We have to put White people on notice!’ Florida man demands $3M reparations per person

There are few hot-button topics more divisive in this nation right now than the push to dole out reparations to black Americans, yet in council meetings across the country, ludicrous demands based on skin color continue to be made.

In Tampa, Florida, on Thursday, one unidentified black man declared that “white people” need to be “put on notice” to the tune of $3 million per black resident, and, until that happens, any other issue raised is “garbage.”

“No black person cares about them speed bumps or parks and recreation,” the man stated at the City Council meeting. “What black people care about is our reparations. This city owes us, each and every black person in the city of Tampa, at least $3 million in reparations.”

“That’s what’s important,” he insisted. “All this nonsense y’all talk about—all this nonsense, homelessness and all this other garbage y’all talk about, police violence and all this stuff—don’t nobody care about that.”

“We care about our reparations and we have to put white people on notice that we want our reparations,” he fumed.

How he came to his $3 million figure is unclear, but his inspiration for demanding it is plain to see.

Calls for budget-breaking handouts have swept the nation.

As American Wire News reported, on Wednesday, Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) — joined by fellow “Squad” members, Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.), and Summer Lee (D-Pa.) — led a group of progressive Democrat House members in a Washington, D.C. press conference during which they unveiled their $14 trillion Reparations Now resolution.

Yes, while the U.S. is scrambling to reach a debt-ceiling deal before the country defaults, and as millions of Americans struggle with soaring inflation and a shrinking dollar, Bush and her ilk are doing their very best to punish their fellow hard-working citizens for being the “wrong” color, and they don’t care if they rip the nation apart to do it.

“Our country was not founded on the principle that all people are created equal,” Bush stated. “It was founded at the expense of the lives, freedoms and well-being of black people, African folks who they stole, whose enslavement, exploitation and dehumanization were written into the Constitution.”

“We need to push this right now,” Bush argued. “It’s 2023, and the U.S. federal government still has not acknowledged the atrocities that came at the hands of this government.”

With such a hateful view of the country being spewed by the very people who are meant to represent it, it is no wonder that people like the Tampa man figure it’s fine to “put white people on notice.”

“Our fore-parents and us, we didn’t work for free and underpaid and all this nonsense, and the white folks get away with it [while] they talk about the great city that they’re building,” he said.

It should be noted that, despite the delusional demands, the vast majority of Americans are against the notion of reparations.

Reports Newsweek:

Polling shows the idea of reparations is broadly unpopular among Americans. Last November, a Pew Research Center survey found that while 77 percent of Black Americans support reparations for descendants of enslaved people, only 18 percent of white Americans agreed. The majority of Latinos and Asian Americans also oppose reparations, according to the poll.

In terms of party affiliation, 90 percent of Republicans said they oppose reparations, compared with half of Democrats.


Reaction to the Tampa man’s speech bears that out.

“I am putting the reparations crowd [on] notice,” wrote one user on Twitter. “No. Not happening. You were never a slave. I was never a slave owner. I owe you nothing, which is what you will receive.”

Others pointed out, courtesy of some well-crafted memes, that “reparations” were “paid in full” by those Americans who died to end slavery.

Some weren’t quite so poignant, but they got the bottom line across:

Melissa Fine


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