‘We’re not in a classroom…not doing show of hands’: Reporter tries to derail Johnson presser at the border

House Speaker Mike Johnson led a delegation of 60 Republican lawmakers to the border on Wednesday to get a firsthand glimpse of the chaos that results from 8 million-plus illegal immigrants being allowed to enter the country in less than three years.

During his visit to the southern border in Texas, Johnson took questions from the media — most in the GOP have yet to grasp that activist reporters today are political adversaries. While the media has for the most part ignored the largest influx of illegal immigrants ever recorded taking place in December, topping 300,000 for the first time, one such reporter was more interested in driving a wedge within the GOP caucus.

“Can we see a show of hands who will vote to shut down the government?” the so-called journalist asked.

“No we’re not going to do show of hands,” U.S. Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) replied. “We’re not in a classroom. We’re not doing show of hands.”

The context behind the question that certain media outlets ignored is that a Gang of Five Republican lawmakers arrived at the border ahead of Johnson’s delegation and understanding the gravity of the crisis declared that they would shut down the government if the Biden White House did not shut down the border — the ongoing human invasion from across the world is little more than a political ploy to change the face of America, with millions of third-world refugees who don’t share our Western values and who have no allegiance to our country flooding our borders.

“Well, here’s the deal on the shutdown,” Johnson told the reporter. “We are working hard to get the appropriations bills done and the resolve of this group and that you’ve seen with our votes in carrying over and crushing the Christmas omnibus fever, as we did with our laddered approach in the two-step C.R., we have until mid-January, you have until early February to get the approach bills done.”

The speaker spoke of the ongoing negotiations in the Senate tying border security to aid packages for Ukraine and Israel to say they are striving to reach an agreement.

“Negotiations are still ongoing. It’s dragging on way too long. But the sooner we get that agreement, the sooner we’ll be able to get the appropriations bills done,” he added. “And let me tell you what our top two priorities are right now. In summary, we want to get the border closed and secured first, and we want to make sure that we reduce non-defense discretionary spending.”

Johnson then shifted his focus to the $34 trillion national debt.

One member of the Gang of Five, U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) shared the following video Wednesday, along with the message: “I’m currently in Eagle Pass, TX witnessing the intentional destruction of our Southern Border by the Biden administration. This video was sent to me by a Texas official. It shows how illegal aliens are being encouraged to invade our country while the fencing put up by Texas is cut open by @CBP. Under the corrupt orders of @SecMayorkas and Joe Biden, we will never see our border protected. But if this border is not shut down, then we must shut down the government.”

Tom Tillison


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