‘Where there’s smoke, there’s fire’: GOP lays out case for formal impeachment inquiry ahead of vote

With a vote expected Wednesday evening, House Republicans recapped what questions a formal impeachment inquiry of the president aimed to answer.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Months of investigation have uncovered considerable evidence supporting allegations that President Joe Biden had used his positions in the federal government to benefit himself, his family and foreign interests as part of a suspected influence-peddling scheme.

As House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) had slated a vote to take “the next necessary step” in formalizing the impeachment inquiry, New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R) walked the American public through a brief explainer on what the process will allow the GOP to answer.

“Over the last several months, the Judiciary, Oversight, and the Ways and Means Committees have uncovered evidence of a Biden family influence-peddling scheme,” he stated speaking to points like millions of payments directed to the Biden’s and a message from the president’s son, Hunter Biden, that appeared to threaten a Chinese executive.

Summarizing key facts, Van Drew reminded that, though not qualified, Hunter Biden was placed on the board of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma who were said to have sought his help just prior to then-Vice President Biden leveraging funds to get the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating the firm fired.

“Evidence across the investigation continues to grow,” asserted the congressman. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Should the vote scheduled for Wednesday evening pass, the formal inquiry would allow committees to compel testimony and obtain documents needed to answer the questions that have been bandied about regarding the Biden family’s alleged criminal bribery.

“Did Joe Biden take action or change policy because of benefits received by him or his family from foreign interests?”

“Did Joe Biden abuse his office by providing foreign interests with access to him and his office in exchange for payments to him or his family?”

“Did Joe Biden participate in a scheme to enrich himself, or his family, by giving foreign interests the impression that they would receive access to him in exchange for payments to him or his family?”

“Did Joe Biden impede, obstruct, or hinder the investigations into Hunter Biden?”

While records from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop and testimony from business associates like Devon Archer about meetings held by the then-vice president and calls he participated in have carried investigators this far, Van Drew remarked, “The inquiry phase of our investigation enables us to examine the necessary information to not only answer these questions, but help us determine the grounds for articles of impeachment.”

Speaking to the expectations from a formal inquiry vote, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan told reporters Tuesday, “We think a formal vote of the majority of the House, on record, for a power that solely resides with the House — that helps us if, in fact, we’ve got to go to court.”

“Hopefully, just passing it in and of itself is enough to say, ‘OK, guys, come in and talk to us,'” he added.

Reacting to the planned vote, White House spokesperson Ian Sams called it a “partisan smear campaign despite the fact that members of their own party have admitted there is no evidence to support impeaching President Biden.”

“If they press onwards with this baseless fishing expedition, it only proves how divorced from reality this sham investigation is and will come at the expense of meaningful work to actually address the issues the American people care about, like lowering costs, creating jobs, and strengthening our health care,” added the spokesperson.

Kevin Haggerty


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