White House lashes out over Joe’s latest senior moment

The White House furiously lashed out at conservative critics after President Joe Biden’s latest senior moment when he appeared to freeze up at a star-studded Hollywood fundraiser.

The geriatric leader pocketed nearly $30 million from the Saturday event but it came at a steep price when the 81-year-old had to be led offstage at the Peacock Theater by former President Barack Obama, a very special moment that blew up on social media.

Just as with another embarrassing video of Biden at the G7 meeting in Italy last week, the reaction was one of blaming the messengers who dared to point out that the emperor has no clothes.

“Fresh off being fact checked by at least 6 mainstream news organizations for lying about President Biden with cheap fakes, Rupert Murdoch’s sad little super pac, the New York Post, is back to disrespecting it’s readers and itself once again by pretending the President taking in an applauding crowd for a few seconds is somehow wrong. Their ethical standards could deal with a little unfreezing,” Deputy White House Press Secretary Andrew Bates said in a statement.

Bates singled out the New York Post even though numerous media outlets reported on Biden’s “freeze” with it being notable that the paper broke the story about Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” in 2020 just before the election, only to see it censored after being falsely labeled as Russian disinformation.

His reference to the “cheap fakes” is a term that the spinmeisters came up with for the video of the octogenarian Biden being pulled back to the G7 leader gaggle by Italian PM Giorgia Meloni after he began to aimlessly wander off, another embarrassment for America on the world stage.

The White House spox’s statement is also more than a little bit misleading because the “6 mainstream news organizations” that claim to have “fact-checked” the video are likely all de facto state media outlets that have spent years peddling lies about Donald J. Trump and are propping up Biden despite his obvious physical and mental failings.

Obama’s senior advisor Eric Schultz took to the X platform to rebut the New York Post’s reporting on the video of his boss leading Biden away.

The reaction to the end of the big event which was headlined by George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jimmy Kimmel – who are among Tinseltown’s most staunch Biden supporters – shows how sensitive the White House is to the mentally misfiring incumbent who is truly his own worst enemy.

It’s a serious dilemma that Team Biden is faced with as more Americans start to pay attention now that the election is less than five months away. They can’t just stuff him into his basement and only let him out for very controlled appearances this time around.

“So embarrassing. The Democrats can’t let this go on, surely?” Piers Morgan wrote on X.

“Is this really who you want to be your President?” Trump asked on Truth Social, sharing the video of Biden and Obama.

Chris Donaldson


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