Whoa! Would you want this seemingly ‘mentally unstable’ professor teaching your kids?

As law enforcement moved in to clear a tense pro-Palestinian protest Wednesday at the University of California in Irvine, a professor in the global studies department was among those arrested.

Videos of her arrest showed an ugly scene as she yelled about the students and their cause, identifying herself as a “tenured professor”

“Shame on them!” she exclaimed as she was being led away by police.

“We cannot have a genocidal foreign policy in a democracy,” she said. “These young people are going to be the ones that have to pay the price for these horrible decisions.”

“These police officers out here today, that’s thousands of student scholarships!” she yelled in a hoarse voice. “Thousands of students could have been able to go to school and have books, and have housing. But instead, our chancellor, who is a very cruel man, decided to send thousands of dollars worth of state funding paid for by the taxpayers into the trash!”

When asked by a reporter if she was concerned about jeopardizing her job, she railed, “What job do I have if the students don’t have a future?”

The school issued a “shelter in place” order after anti-Israel protesters occupied the science building at UC Irvine Wednesday.

“The building takeover was broadcast live on Instagram by several pro-Palestinian accounts,” according to the Los Angeles Times. “The videos showed a hectic scene as students clad in kaffiyehs ran to and from the area by the lecture hall, setting up a wooden fence barrier, tents, signs and other materials.”

Eventually labeled as a “violent protest,” the school called in law enforcement agencies who forcefully removed the students and cleared out a nearby two-week-old encampment.

The professor’s unhinged performance set off a wave of criticism on social media where one user identified the professor as Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, an Associate Professor with a Ph.D. in Political Science.

Many X users expressed their alarm and anger at the type of ‘educators’ teaching the next generation.

Frieda Powers


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