Whoopi suggests ‘our grandfathers’ fought ‘WWI and WWII’ to prevent J6 in ignorant rant

Whoopi Goldberg displayed full “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” barely containing her glee over the former president being indicted and wildly claiming that Americans fought world wars to prevent Jan. 6 from happening.

“The View” co-host struggled to keep from laughing out loud on Wednesday as she declared that Trump had been indicted for a third time.

After gleefully playing a video featuring Special Counsel Jack Smith announcing Trump’s indictment, she hypocritically stated that the whole thing wasn’t a laughing matter.

“Now, you know, we sometimes have – we chuckle. You see us chuckling or stuff, but really this is really sad. This is a really sad time in this country because I don’t think anybody – even the oldest person in this room can ever remember anything like this ever happening in the United States of America…” Goldberg intoned, not in the least appearing sad about the indictment.

(Video Credit: The View)

She then proceeded to make the outrageous claim that “our grandfathers went to fight in World War I and World War II, great-grandfathers to ensure this kind of thing did not happen here.” Goldberg was obviously referring to Jan. 6.

“The View” co-host who appeared to have no idea when WWII was even fought, once again falsely claimed the Holocaust wasn’t about race, an assertion that has repeatedly gotten her hammered and dragged.

Later in the show, Goldberg reiterated the false claim about world wars being fought to prevent Jan. 6 and did her level best to insultingly lecture people who wear “MAGA hat[s]” and so-called “blinders.”

“We want to also point out that these are the facts. These are facts, no one is making this up. This is what happened, so you can keep your MAGA hat on and continue to put blinders on, but the truth is the truth is the truth. The facts speak for themselves. And because we’ve sent people to war to fight for our right to be the country that we are, we cannot allow these lies to continue,” she said, attempting to paint herself as a moral authority and failing spectacularly at it.

Co-host Joy Behar slobbered all over Smith and intimated that he was beyond criticism.

“Jack Smith, let me tell you just a little about him… the guy is above reproach. Nobody has a bad word to say about him. His life is about ethics and morality. He doesn’t play with nonsensical people like Donald Trump…” Behar proclaimed, outright lying about Smith’s reputation.

Behar turned to CNN legal analyst Elie Honig to make her leftist fantasy come true, affirming that Trump would be in prison soon. She will have to live with disappointment on that front.

“Can we just ask Elie if he thinks that Trump will go to jail? Just yes or no,” she asked Honig.

“No. Sorry, but, no. Doesn’t mean he won’t get convicted, but I don’t believe he’ll go to jail. Certainly, not before the election. If you’re counting on that,” he told a dejected Behar.

“He’s going to slide again? He’s going to slide again,” she responded.

Later in the show, a topic came up that would make many lose their appetite. As if Goldberg’s claims weren’t bizarre enough, during the show she took off on an even more cringy tangent.

She spoke out about having sex in a pool, claiming that sex on the beach or in the water is not all it’s cracked up to be.

None of the women on “The View” are spring chickens. Goldberg is 67, Joy Behar is 80, Sunny Hostin is 54, Alyssa Farah Griffin is 34, and Sara Haines is 45. The cougars decided to discuss an article in the Wall Street Journal that examined why having sex on vacation isn’t always fun.

Behar claimed to be a big fan of sex on the beach and cocktails on vacation. Goldberg, not so much.

“You know, sex on the beach is overrated,” she asserted. “Because, you know, if you tried to have sex in the pool, you know that’s not easy. Because you’re trying to go up the hill and you’re getting resistance from the water that is within. Because when you’re in the pool you’re surrounded in the water. Have you ever tried to put anything…”

Griffin, looking embarrassed, kidded that their producer, Brian Teta, was going to send them “to commercial,” while the audience fervently prayed that was true.

“Oh, you’re trying to move me on now, right?” Goldberg quipped as the camera panned to an embarrassed-looking Teta with his face buried in his hands for effect.

“You told me, ‘Get engaged in the conversation,’ then I started getting engaged, and you wanted me to stop talking!” Goldberg contended.

As a side note, none of Goldberg’s marriages have lasted long. Her first husband was drug counselor Alvin Martin and that marriage was the longest, lasting six years. She was married to Dutch cinematographer David Claessen for two years and Lyle Trachtenberg for one year.

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