Partiers in Florida caught dumping trash into ocean, social media debates their punishment

Ten Thousand Spring Breakers descended on Boca Raton for the “Boca Bash,” drinking, stripping, and creating general mayhem while several partiers were caught dumping trash into the ocean, infuriating locals.

The annual event began with revelers taking off in boats and partying the day and night away on Sunday. People could be seen dumping trash cans into the water and pouring cans and bottles of liquor overboard as well.

“It just really infuriates you to see someone trash the ocean like that,” Rodrigo Samsing, a local boater said according to WSVN. “You know, nobody else on the boat tried to stop them. Everybody was just celebrating.”

“I mean they already had the trash sitting in the garbage can, they could have just put a bag, grabbed a bag, filled it up, and thrown it away. Instead, they just dump it carelessly into the ocean. It’s just really sad to see,” he remarked.

Aside from being disgusting, dumping trash into the ocean or waterways is also illegal.

“The Florida Department of Environmental Protection cited federal law in saying that boaters cannot dispose of any garbage ‘from a boat while in lakes, rivers, bays, sounds and offshore within three miles of the ocean,'” the Daily Mail reported.

“Representatives for Boca Bash say they’ve ID’d the party boys and called their behavior ‘completely unacceptable,’ while local police and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are investigating,” the media outlet added.

The representatives went on to state that “it is irresponsible boaters like this that have zero care for our oceans that give this event a bad reputation.”

The partiers responsible for dumping trash into the sea have not been charged yet.

The event saw boats, jet skis, kayaks, and paddle boards on Lake Boca Raton early Sunday. There was even one guy flying with a water jetpack while on his phone. Police and firefighters were in attendance as the partiers took over the lake.

Boca News Now reported that two people were busted Monday night and were charged with”Boating Under The Influence.”

“Locals avoid Boca Bash it’s a sh** show on water and gets crazier with every year,” one person wrote on social media according to the Daily Mail.

“There is no real organizer for the event,” Boca Raton spokesman Mark Economou commented to the Palm Beach Post. “This is just something that happens the last Sunday of April.”

Those dumping garbage into the ocean were thrashed on X as folks debated on appropriate consequences for the actions:


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