Windy City Dems approve $70 million for illegals in sucker punch to residents

The handout hits kept coming in Chicago as another eight-figure sum was tacked on to the border crisis amid warnings from voters: “…we coming for those seats, you can believe that.”

(Video: CBS News Chicago)

A Windy City win for leftists was a loss for locals Friday when the Chicago City Council voted 30-18 to approve Mayor Brandon Johnson’s latest funding request aimed at illegal aliens. The move in favor of another $70 million atop $150 million budgeted toward food and shelter for the foreign nationals followed “heated debate,” according to CBS News Chicago.

“Yes, this is a challenge,” said Budget Committee Chair Alderman Jason Ervin Friday. “Do we want to spend this money like this right now? Of course not, but again, we have an obligation and we have a responsibility to move this ball forward.”

During debate, Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez attempted to ascribe “bigotry and ignorance” to funding opposition, a stance that saw Ald. Scott Waguespack push back that, “that kind of rhetoric has to stop.”

“I really expect the nonsense to stop. I think everybody in this room has had enough. I’ve had enough of the name-calling. I’ve had enough of the attacks on our colleagues,” he added.

Previously, Johnson had held off on committing further funds was Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle had introduced a combined $250 million from their respective coffers. But the decision to ultimately pile on led Ald. James Gardiner to contend that, no matter what Hizzoner’s office claimed, a similar sum to the $70 million was bound to be sought again by summer.

“You know what we’re going to do? We’ll blame it on the DNC coming,” he said bringing up the Democratic National Convention set to be held in Chicago in August, “or we’ll blame it on that bad man in Texas, Governor Abbott, and we’ll try to shine the light away from the reckless spending that we’re agreeing on right now.”

Expressed outrage from elected officials had followed similar complaints from residents like “P-Rae” Easley with ChicagoRED who, while wearing a “Make America Great Again” cowboy hat, had continued promoting a message to steer citizens away from leftist politics.

“We need that money in my neighborhood, we need that on my block,” she exclaimed as she recounted tragedy in the community brought on by the opioid crisis. “So I’m asking y’all to use our tax money for our people, we need it.”

“Vote for the money for these immigrants today and we coming for those seats, you can believe that. You better be worrying about your job, you better be worrying about your longevity because we gonna vote and we gonna getcha out, ’cause you ain’t doing right by us, that’s what time it is,” she declared as the city has focused on the needs of the tens of thousands of illegal aliens.

The latest pushback on Johnson, that included promises to make him a one-term mayor, continued a trend of red-clad voters appearing at council meetings to encourage “No More Blue, No Matter Who!” after a track record of failure.

“The rest of the state said thanks but no thanks, but here in the city of Chicago we say, ‘Come on to Chicago. We’ve got health care for you. We’ve got child care for you. We’ve got all kinds of housing. We’ve got education for you. We’ve got housing vouchers for you. We’ve got it all,'” slammed Ald. Anthony Beale. “That’s why everybody’s coming to Chicago, but if you cut off the funding spigot, they won’t come.”

Kevin Haggerty


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