With no suspects in brutal stabbing deaths, restless Idaho community seeing a surge in 911 calls

Police are no closer to identifying the culprit behind the horrific quadruple homicide in Moscow, Idaho two weeks ago as the community becomes increasingly restless.

The Moscow Police Department is now contending with a surge of calls from citizens who are concerned with their own and others’ safety as the investigation lumbers into its third week. As of Sunday, the police department says it received a significant increase in calls concerning “unusual circumstances” and requests for welfare checks on loved ones compared to last month’s totals.

The increase in incoming calls directly correlates to the shocking deaths of four university students earlier this month. While police have no new leads, and have not publicly identified any persons of interest or suspects, the anxiety and paranoia of the college town are palpable.

Since November 13th, the day the murders were discovered, police say they have received 78 calls for unusual circumstances and 36 requests for welfare checks, surpassing the entire month of October’s totals, 70 and 18, respectively, police noted in a press release Sunday, according to Fox News.

(Video: Fox News Digital-“Students return to University of Idaho campus after the long Thanksgiving Holiday”)

Another trend that the authorities have noticed is that callers are notifying their friends or families before contacting the police.

“We understand there is a sense of fear within our community,” police said. “For life safety and emergencies, we want to remind our community to call 9-1-1 before notifying family or friends.”

Similar to the trend the police referred to, concerned friends of victims of the November 13th murders appear to have made calls to other people to check on the victims before calling 9-1-1.

Police got the call just before noon on the 13th that reported an “unconscious person” inside the home but a small crowd had gathered by the time police arrived. Moscow Police did confirm that the call originated from inside the home and that the dispatcher spoke to multiple people during the phone call. Police have not revealed the identity of the caller.

Investigators believe that all four victims were likely stabbed in their sleep with a “fixed-blade knife” between the hours of 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. Police have not found the murder weapon, and have inquired with local businesses to learn if they recall selling a similar weapon recently.

Law enforcement officials have called the attacks “targeted” but have declined to say who the intended target was or why.

According to the latest update from the police department, Governor Brad Little has allocated up to $1 million from the state’s emergency funds to assist in the ongoing investigation. So far, the FBI has reportedly received 488 digital media submissions via the online portal. Approximately 4,000 crime-scene photos were taken, and 113 pieces of evidence are under review at the ISP crime lab and “ISP Forensic Science scientists and technicians worked hundreds of hours.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reportedly sent 22 agents to Moscow, Idaho to assist in the investigation.

Meanwhile, online conjecture continues to run rampant as officials continue to shoot down theories connecting other crimes to the Moscow murders. According to the press release, “There have been numerous media inquiries about a 1999 double stabbing in Pullman, Washington, and the 2021 double stabbing (with one death) in Salem, Oregon.”

Though police admit the aforementioned events have similarities with their current investigation, they do not believe at this time that the events are related.

“While these cases share similarities with the King Street homicides, there does not appear to be any evidence to support the cases are related,” the report stated.


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