Laura Ingraham calls out those ‘complicit’ in enabling China’s ‘slave state’

As the people of China are yet again forced to endure oppressive lockdowns and Covid-19-related restrictions, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham is calling out the regime’s enablers. Massive […]

‘Great news’: Deadline for Biden admin to appeal transgender mandate quietly passes

Religious liberty groups are celebrating as the November 25th dead to appeal a federal court ruling that struck down a mandate that would force doctors to perform […]

Iranian activist challenges Biden to do more to support women fighting ‘gender apartheid’

An American-Iranian activist has challenged the Biden administration’s support for Iranian women saying the hijab is not their “culture,” it’s “gender apartheid.” Journalist and Iranian dissident Masih […]

Will Smith says he can ‘absolutely respect’ those not ‘ready’ to move on from Oscar slap and see new film

Actor Will Smith says he ‘understands’ if people aren’t ready to see him in his new film after his infamous altercation at the Oscars with Chris Rock […]

With no suspects in brutal stabbing deaths, restless Idaho community seeing a surge in 911 calls

Police are no closer to identifying the culprit behind the horrific quadruple homicide in Moscow, Idaho two weeks ago as the community becomes increasingly restless. The Moscow […]

Tim Tebow: It’s way more important to be significant, than to be just successful

As the holidays are now in full swing, Tim Tebow joined Fox News’ Trey Gowdy to what he thought brings the most meaning to the celebrations. […]

‘They slid that one by’: Lamar Odom, 2-time ‘woke’ NBA champ, suggests Suns gorilla mascot is racist

Former professional basketball player Lamar Odom thinks that the Phoenix Suns’ mascot is racist, and ought to be removed. Odom made his feelings known when he appeared […]

Santa shortages, increased cost of real Christmas trees may result in holiday cheer deficit

Sprawling inflation has finally reached the North Pole. After Americans had the most expensive Thanksgiving in years, the holidays aren’t easing up. Santa shortages and the increased […]

NYC Ed staffers use threat of deportation to silence Dominican teachers over high rent: report

New York City Department of Education members are effectively extorting Dominican teachers, forcing them to pay inordinate living costs over threats of being deported. Now, a middle […]

Sen calls for ‘new level’ of red flag laws after admitting he has no ‘real facts’ on how Col shooter got the gun

Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper admitted that he doesn’t “have any real facts” about how the Club Q shooter was able to get past the state’s red flag […]

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