Hawley: Censorship agenda is the ‘most unbelievable collusion’, Dems have treated Americans ‘like fools’

Senator Josh Hawley took the Biden administration to task for its role in misleading, and blatantly lying to the American citizenry.

“They have treated the American people like fools,” Hawley said on an appearance with Fox News’s Sean Hannity regarding the fallout of the Biden administration’s defunct Disinformation Governance Board.

(Video: Fox News)

The segment began with the Fox News host discussing the new reports that a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s was able to land prominent positions in the Trump and Biden administrations. Hannity rightfully suggested that these types of stories are the types that ‘big tech’ would be seeking to censor, referring to the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story that was essentially wiped clean from social media two years ago.

Under the Biden White House, the Disinformation Governance Board was created to do that very thing. Hannity brought on Missouri Senator Hawley who detailed how little the U.S. government revealed to its people regarding the board’s activity.

“What they’ve done is, they’ve lied to us. They have treated the American people like fools. You know, the Secretary of Homeland Security [Alejandro Mayorkas] came before Congress and said, ‘Oh the Board never met! Don’t worry the Board never met. Don’t worry.’ Well, it turns out that’s not true,” Hawley said.

“They had a steering committee that was meeting for months that was giving direction to other agencies of the government. We know they tried to set up a meeting with Twitter. We know that they were meeting with Facebook. We know that they were coordinating with dark money groups, we’ve got the emails now, were dark money groups from the left,” Hawley continued.

These advocacy groups are sending emails and instructions, memos to this disinformation board and saying memo basically, here’s what we think you ought to do, trying to influence their policy.”

Hawley said the relationship between these tech companies and the American government was the “most unbelievable collusion you can imagine.”

Fortunately for Americans, Hawley kept the receipts, and revealed the emails on Twitter saying that DHS’s “collusion with Big Tech went much deeper than we knew.”

According to Hawley, the Biden administration’s claim that they were no longer exerting its influence over private companies wasn’t true.

“That’s not true. What they’re doing now is they’ve got all of these different agencies, all across, DHS, all across the FBI, other agencies of the government involved in this so-called disinformation, which is really censorship, Sean…And we’re going to get the facts,” he continued.

Hawley asserted that Mayorkas lied under oath to him when the DHS Secretary claimed the board had never met. Hawley added that the emails that were turned over to him prove that the board met on a “weekly basis.”

The emails that Hawley obtained show that not only was the board meeting regularly but had attempted to establish relationships with Big Tech companies such as Twitter and Facebook. These emails directly coincide with the revelatory reporting by the Intercept that showed that tech companies and the American government have been cozying up with each other for years in efforts to police speech online.

“This administration lied about it over and over again because, Sean, they don’t think they have to tell the truth. They don’t believe in the First Amendment,” the senator said.

Many of these documents have come to light via leaks and a federal court case. Hawley quoted the judge in the ongoing case saying, “In fact, we know from a federal court lawsuit that is underway right now, a federal judge just ruled a few weeks ago that the Department of Homeland Security sits at the nerve center of federally directed censorship. That is a quote at the nerve center of federally directed censorship.”

He added that clearly, the actions of the government were “unconstitutional” and that “we have to stop it.”


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