Woke woman argues naked men should be allowed to read to children, and folks have thoughts!

There have been a number of bad takes when it comes to drag queens and children, but one woman in Canada may be looking to run away with the gold medal.

Billboard Chris tweeted out a video of a woman shamelessly saying that she would be okay with naked men reading to children because, after all, it’s just a human body. Somehow, this was the best defense she could come up with for the increasingly popular “Drag Queen story hour” that has a lot of Americans upset.


“How is a human being dressing how they want to dress sexualizing anything?” the clueless woman asks in the beginning of the video. “It’s a human body. Why is that a sexual thing?”

“So you think adults should be able to wear whatever they want in front of children?” the woman is asked.

“Sure. Sure,” the first woman responds without hesitation. “Canadians are really uptight-”

“So g-strings?” the woman with the microphone asks.

“Sure, why not? It’s a body. It’s a human body. Why not? It’s a human body,” she laughs.

“So should we have naked men reading to children?” an off-camera male voice inquired, seeing how far the woman was willing to go.

“Sure, it’s a human body,” she responds, once again without any hesitation or consideration for the moral, legal, or psychological implications of what she’s saying.

Because nobody has ever been traumatized by being exposed to a “human body” they didn’t consent to see, right?

Twitter wasted no time putting this woman in her place:

Sierra Marlee


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