Woman demands to speak to ‘useless motherf***er’ Buttigieg in airport meltdown. But, it gets better!

Mental breakdowns on commercial flights and in airports are becoming common occurrences these days but rarely does someone call out the Secretary of Transportation during their tirade.

A potty-mouthed passenger was seen screaming at who she believed was Delta Airlines staff at LAX.  The unidentified woman, repeatedly hurled the F-bomb at the airport crew while seemingly unaware that she was at the wrong counter.

“Get me the f*** up on the next flight you motherf****rs,” she screamed before demanding to have a word with Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

“Call Pete Buttigieg right now to handle the TSA! Call that motherf***er right now! That useless motherf***er.”

The “Delta” staff, seemingly desensitized to crazy outbursts, appeared to hold in laughter as the woman only became more enraged, slamming her fist on the counter.

“Get me up on the next flight. And pay for that s**t,” she continues. “I will call Pete Buttigieg right now!”

But it gets even better!

At this point, it appears the woman was informed that she was not at the Delta counter and had been berating WestJet staffers, a Canadian airline.

“Wait, you’re not Delta?” the confused woman said. Seemingly, eating some crow, she began to laugh along with most of the others who appeared more amused than concerned by her shenanigans.

It didn’t take long for her tirade to hit X where plenty more mockery ensued:


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