Biden says he’s ‘happy’ to debate and Trump’s response is EPIC

President Joe Biden’s handlers are faced with a major challenge whenever the boss goes off script, combine that with the geriatric Democrat’s tendency to be a tough guy and it can be a major problem.

After months of ducking a commitment to a nationally televised debate that has the potential to be a disaster, Biden proclaimed that he’s ready to go toe-to-toe with his rival, former President Donald J. Trump, a battle that he’s unlikely to win.

The pugnacious 81-year-old president appeared on Friday’s edition of Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show and said he’s willing to do it, seeming to accept Trump’s numerous challenges to engage in a spirited discussion of ideas that will be must-see television IF his campaign team and the media allow it to happen.

Asked by the germophobic shock jock if he planned on debating Trump, Biden said he would, the first time he has done so in a remark that may have had his handlers screaming at the sky.

“I am somewhere,” the president said. “I don’t know when. I’m happy to debate him.”

Biden’s remarks came two days after he suggested to a crowd of union workers that he’d enjoy punching Trump right in the kisser.

“Think about the guys you grew up with who you would like to get into the corner and just give them a straight left,” the 81-year-old leader said.

Trump – who has been itching to get a piece of Biden on a debate stage – pounced after the interview aired.

“Crooked Joe Biden just announced that he’s willing to debate! Everyone knows he doesn’t really mean it, but in case he does, I say, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE, an old expression used by Fighters. I suggest Monday Evening, Tuesday Evening, or Wednesday Evening at my Rally in Michigan, a State that he is in the process of destroying with his E.V. Mandate,” the presumptive GOP nominee wrote on Truth Social.

(Screenshot: Truth Social)

“In the alternative, he’s in New York City today, although probably doesn’t know it, and so am I, stuck in one of the many Court cases that he instigated as ELECTION INTERFERENCE AGAINST A POLITICAL OPPONENT – A CONTINUING WITCH HUNT! It’s the only way he thinks he can win. In fact, let’s do the Debate at the Courthouse tonight – on National Television, I’ll wait around!” Trump added.

The former president also told reporters that he’d be glad to debate Biden on Friday at the courthouse where he’s currently tied up for the Democrat Stormy Daniels “hush money” lawfare case.

“We’ve heard nothing, but he said today he’d love to debate,” Trump said. “But he won’t debate. I don’t think he’ll debate. Maybe he will. Maybe he will. I’m not sure he has a choice.”

“But we’re willing to do it Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night on national television,” he said. “We’re ready. Just tell me where.”

“We’ll do it at the White House,” he said. “That would be very comfortable, actually. You tell me where. We’re ready.”

But Trump wasn’t finished.

“LETTER TO JOE: Dear Joe, now that you’ve committed to Debate on the now dying Howard Stern Show, no less, let’s set it up right now. I’m ready to go anywhere that you are. We could do it in D.C., even pinpoint the White House, or in New York when your Radical Left Fascists are finished with ELECTION INTERFERENCE against your Political Opponent, ME,” he wrote in another Truth Social post on Friday evening.

(Screenshot: Truth Social)

“In any event, let’s get it done – The People of our Country deserve to know why you have allowed 15 Million People, many from Prisons and Mental Institutions, to invade our Country at our now very OPEN Southern Border, or why you want everybody to foolishly have, in 5 years, an All Electric Car, which won’t go far, is very expensive, and will be Made in China, or why you are allowing Energy Prices to skyrocket, our Economy to crash, and Inflation to reach levels that we have never seen before. Maybe you have a reason for this, & you’ll have a chance to talk about it, but let’s get the Debate going, the American People have the right to know!” Trump said.

Trump didn’t say whether he’d insist that Biden undergo a drug test before the debate, something he suggested during a recent interview with conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt.

“I don’t know, I think there’s something going on there, because I watched his State of the Union, and he was all jacked up at the beginning, by the end he was fading fast,” Trump said. “There’s something going on there. I want to debate, and I think debates with him at least should be drug tested.”

Chris Donaldson


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