Wynonna Judd’s daughter sees prostitution charge dropped after Alabama highway incident

Once referred to as “the strongest Judd woman,” country singer Wynonna Judd’s daughter faced her sentence after her behavior on an Alabama highway prompted a prostitution charge.

“She didn’t have the things covered that needed to be covered.”

Thursday, 27-year-old Grace Kelley, the daughter of Judd and her first husband Arch Kelley III, appeared before Judge Bradley Ekdahl at the Millbrook Municipal Court following an April 5 arrest. It was there, according to the Daily Mail, the one of three misdemeanors was dropped as the parolee was slated for nearly six weeks in jail.

“We responded to two calls involving her. In the first, she was observed in the area of businesses on Highway 14 near Murphy Oil by Walmart,” Millbrook Police Chief P.K. Johnson had explained to the Mail after Kelley’s arrest. “She had a sign, displayed that said, ‘A Ride for a Ride’.”

Image via Elmore County Sheriff’s Office

“And when she made contact with our officers, she argued with them about the legality of what she was doing. And that it was not illegal for her to offer herself in exchange for rides,” added the police chief.

Following the first interaction with Kelley, Johnson detailed that officers had instructed her to move and she reportedly entered a different gas station and announced to those inside “that she had possibly been robbed,” he explained.

When officers arrived at the gas station in response to the alleged disturbance, Judd’s daughter had already moved on and law enforcement ultimately located her at the intersection of the highway and the interstate. “She was not appropriately dressed. She didn’t have the things covered that needed to be covered. And she was holding the ‘Ride for a Ride’ sign while she was in that state and with drivers going by, displaying herself.”

Her reported refusal to cooperate with officers attempting to identify her had prompted Kelley’s arrest and her charge of obstructing governmental operations. She was also charged with indecent exposure, which the judge reduced to lewd conduct, and a charge of soliciting prostitution that the judge dismissed.

This latest run-in with the law followed a 2017 guilty plea from Kelley who had been charged with the manufacture, delivery, sale and possession of methamphetamine. In that instance, she had been sentenced to eight years behind bars, of which she served two before being released on parole.

During a 2020 interview with fellow musician John Rich on Fox Nation’s “The Pursuit!,” Judd spoke to the contrast of her children’s life choices, comparing her son Elijah Judd with Kelley and remarking, “I’m not different than anyone else. I’ve got kids who have made great successful choices. I have just as much to say about the testimony, emphasis on the word ‘test,’ of both my children saying, ‘Wow, that didn’t work.'”

“I will tell you this. My daughter is the strongest Judd woman in our ‘herstory,'” added the mother of two.

Thursday, Ekdahl ordered Kelley to pay a $200 fine and suspended a 90-day jail sentence for her lewd conduct. She was also fined $500 and sentenced to 90 days in jail, of which 30 days were suspended, for obstruction.

Giving credit for time served left Kelley with a remaining 39 days in jail as well as fines and court costs totaling $1,122 as she was held on a $2,500 bond.

“The most serious charges against my client were dismissed,” Kelley’s public defender David Musgrove told Fox News Digital. “The judge was fair with her, and she comported herself well in the courtroom and was polite and respectful with the judge and with the police officers. I expect she will be released before too long.”

Kevin Haggerty


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