Yahoo is trying to sell Bill Clinton’s ‘secrets’ in his courses

Yahoo Life eliminated any confusion about where it lies when promoting Bill Clinton’s online course as the “ultimate last-minute” Christmas gift.

Authors Amanda Garrity and Anne Mandler couldn’t gush enough about the former president’s “secrets” while trying to convince readers to subscribe to Clinton’s online Master Class course.

“If you’ve never heard of MasterClass, it’s a vast buffet of smart, inspiring, beautifully produced multi-session online courses given by experts and celebs at the top of their field, covering everything from cooking to space exploration, music lessons to skateboarding,” the duo wrote.

“The list of lectures to choose from is dizzying: Think leadership lessons from President Bill Clinton, singing sessions from Christina Aguilera, comedy coaching with Steve Martin, restaurant-caliber home cooking with Gordon Ramsay (minus the rage!), a country music course with Reba McEntire, basketball with Steph Curry and creative writing with Judy friggin’ Blume,” they added.

Readers are urged to give an annual membership to someone they love for “just $10 a month,” with Yahoo Life promising: “Learn all Bill Clinton’s secrets with a MasterClass subscription — it makes a great last-minute gift.”

To sell the offering as fitting for a king, Garrity and Mandler cite a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson that reads, “The world is so full of a number of things/I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”

“MasterClass delivers these things in abundance, making it a gift that actually keeps on giving,” they insist.

Turns out, the 14-lesson course was first rolled out in December 2021, with Clinton sharing his “action-oriented and people-centered approach to leadership through powerful stories from his political career.”

“This is a particularly disorienting time for billions of people in the world. You’ve got major uncertainties about what’s going to happen in the years ahead,” Clinton said in a promo video. “At a time like that, you really need good leadership skills. And you need people whose goal it is to pull people together, not drive them apart.”

“This class is unlike anything I’ve ever done. I’ll be teaching skills I developed and used in very challenging leadership positions,” he added. “And I hope that those skills will help you in your personal and professional lives. You’ll learn how to work with people you don’t agree with, may not even like, and how to mediate conflicts. I don’t believe being nice is inconsistent with being tough and smart. You’ve got to be tough as nails with your tender heart.”

Interestingly, the former president’s online course debuted a week after his wife, failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, launched her own MasterClass, according to The Hill.

“In her lessons, Clinton is seen choking up as she reads from her 2016 victory speech that she never delivered,” the online news outlet noted.

Tom Tillison


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