‘Yo, Epstein…’ The Clinton Presidential Center’s regrettable tweet backfires so epically, they deleted it

The Clinton Presidential Center thought twice about a social media post commemorating former President Bill Clinton’s “first-ever email,” eventually scrambling to delete the tweet when it became fertile ground for “Jeffrey Epstein” memes and replies.

The tweet recognized World Typing Day, and featured a Nov. 1998 photograph of Clinton typing at a laptop. The caption reads, “On November 7, 1998, Pres. @BillClinton typed out and sent his first-ever email! Can you guess who it was to?”

Ask and ye shall receive. The timing of the tweet coincided with the release of the first batch of documents relating to Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre’s defamation suit against Ghislaine Maxwell, who is widely seen as the late billionaire’s pimp. The former president was mentioned in the documents more than 50 times.

The documents included a statement from Epstein accuser Johanna Sjorberg claiming that the convicted sex offender once told her that “Clinton likes them young,” a reference to young girls. Another document described Clinton as having a “close personal relationship” with Epstein, which he has denied.

In reality, the first presidential email was a response to astronaut and then Sen. John Glenn, who was literally in space for a NASA mission.

The actual email read: “Dear John, Thanks for your message. Hillary and I had a great time at the launch. We are very proud of you and the entire crew, and a little jealous. We can’t wait for you to get home so we can have a first hand report. Meanwhile, back on earth, we’re having a lot of fun with your adventure. At a camp rally in Queens, I asked an 83 year old lady what she thought of your trip. She replied that it seemed like a perfectly fine thing for a young man like you to do! I hope your last few hours go well. Give my best to the rest of the crew. Sincerely, Bill Clinton.”

However, social media users fancied other notions… and while they go on forever, here’s a sampling of some of the responses seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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