‘You don’t want to go there!’ Watters’ co-hosts react to his ‘romantic’ reason for wanting workers back in office

Jesse Watters’ peculiar ideas about “romance” took center stage once again on Friday’s episode of Fox News’s “The Five.”

During a segment about CEOs demanding that their employees actually show up in the office and the pros and cons of remote working, Watters offered up a point that prompted a pummeling from his fellow co-hosts.

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Watters, it turns out, is all for forcing workers back to the office, if only to ensure they are “absorbing the state of the city” they are “producing for,” and, at the top of the segment, his reasoning was arguably sound.

“I’m not a CEO, but if I was running things, I would absolutely want 100% of the office back,” Watters said. “If you are living in the suburbs and working remotely, who are you seeing all day? You are seeing your wife, maybe seeing your child, but that’s it.”

“When I’m commuting in,” he continued, “I’m not saying they are not stimulating, but if you are just sitting in your home office and living room, seeing your family all day, maybe your mother-in-law, you’re not absorbing life. You’re not absorbing the environment. You’re not absorbing the state of the city you live in or the economy that you are supposed to be producing for.”

“When you are commuting,” Watters argued, “you’re talking to the coffee guy, the paper guy, the train conductor, other commuters. You are seeing what it is like coming through Midtown Manhattan.”

And that’s when Watters’ train started to slide off the rails.

He noted that he “wouldn’t know how bad the city is” if he didn’t pass “tent cities” and “junkies” on his way from the suburbs to the office.

His remarks elicited laughter from the panel.

“Makes you want to work from home,” noted Charlie Hurt.

“Am I making the wrong point?” Watters asked.

“Yeah, you are,” replied co-host Katie Pavlich.

Had Watters stopped while he was behind, he may have made it out of the segment unscathed, but right at the end, he jumped the tracks.

You see, Watters is concerned about other “stimulation” he apparently can’t get at home.

“What about office romance?” he asked Pavlich right before the commercial break. “Without returning to the office, you have no office romance!”


“You don’t want to go there, Jesse,” cautioned co-host Jeanine Pirro as the panel howled.

No. No, he probably didn’t want to walk off that cliff.

You see, Watters reportedly hooked up with his current wife, Emma DiGiovine, at the office — while he was still married.

The affair with DiGiovine, who was his associate producer, ended his marriage to his first wife Noelle Watters and DiGiovine was transferred to a different department.

A Fox News spokesperson told the Philadelphia Inquirer at the time, “Within 24 hours of Jesse Watters voluntarily reporting to the Chief of Human Resources in November 2017 that he was in a consensual relationship with a woman on his staff, management met with both parties and a decision was made for the woman to be transferred to work on another program on the network where she currently remains.”

Last year, Watters again caught heat for his relationship with DiGiovine, when he described the creepy way he got her to date him.

“I was trying to get Emma to date me. First thing I did, I let the air out of your tires. She couldn’t go anywhere. She needed a lift,” he told the panel. “I said, ‘Hey, you need a lift?’ She got right in the car!”

“You’re basically the zodiac killer,” co-host Greg Gutfeld declared at the time.


Melissa Fine


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