Young Brazilian man gives speech all Americans NEED to hear: ‘The left replaced Jesus with a Black Lives Matter activist’

A young, right-wing Brazilian member of Parliament (MP) has gone viral for an incredible speech he delivered this week at the U.N.

Nikolas Ferreira is his name, and according to billionaire Elon Musk, he’s a “brave” young man.

Listen to his speech below:

In the speech, Ferreira warned that Brazil is turning into a dictatorship under President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. He also railed against the way the left has damaged Brazil and also America.

“I became the biggest most-voted federal congressman in Brazil, and I’m here to warn you about what’s happening in my country,” he began. “The left returned to power in the presidency of Brazil this year, but it has had the power of universities and media for decades.”

“America is like a body, and it’s health is like a tripod — patriotism, morality, and spirituality. If someone undermines these three areas, America will collapse from within. Stalin said this. They have known the secret for a long time and used all possible means to achieve their goal, the destruction of the family,” he added.

He then explained how exactly someone would achieve this goal.

“First, they destroy the sense of reality,” he said. “There is no longer right and wrong. You’re bad, and everything is relative. … Then they move on to stage number two, the destruction of identity. If you’re nothing, then everything can be everything. Therefore they will destroy your identity as a person.”

“Young people no longer know what or who they are. They are carried away by any wind of doctrine and cling to what is fashionable. They tell you dress like this, use this type of language, and finally, live like this. It is the generation most lacking in good references that has ever existed,” he added.

“After all, the left replaced Jesus with a Black Lives Matter activist and the cross, which represents injustice against an innocent person, for idols that represent nothing but the selfishness of activists. By the way, the rainbow is not yours, it’s ours. Read the Bible, and you’ll find out,” he continued.

Moving on, Ferreira also claimed “beauty no longer exists” thanks to the left.

“The focus is on shocking, whether in fashion, music, films,” he claimed. “The important thing is to sell a future that delivers everything you want except meaning of life. A generation that cannot handle pain, confrontation, much less people told what’s wrong. Who exchanged their parents’ advice for their teachers’ who never carried them in their arms. ”

“Who commit the strange of the youth of the actions that only serve those that are dominating them. They are too foolish to know that they are being used and who used them. Like those who campaign for abortion but ignore that 75 years ago the universal declaration of human rights was published, which stated that everybody has the right to life.”

He then pulled out an object and pretended it was a 12-week old baby.

“His or her heart is already beating, it has a fingerprint, there’s no one in the world like this baby,” he said. “When they find bacteria on Mars, they call it life. But this child is just a clump of cells to them. To those who propagate death and help the largest, silent genocidal moment, we will respond with a future that recognizes the sacredness of life and encourages its acceptance.”

“I renew my commitment of protecting the lives of children, both before and after birth. This is the first and most fundamental of rights. Without it, nothing else is possible. But this is not the only true they use to change our future. Men who used to lie about their ages to avoid to go to war to fight for their countries, but now lie about their biological sex to compete with women. How did we get to this point? Who is responsible for creating this generation?” he added.

Concluding his speech, he asked where the men and women willing to stand up against leftist tyranny are.

“Where are the men and women with the courage to say they will not bow to tyranny?” he said. “Are we watching the world collapse in front of our eyes, and we’re just going to watch it? No. We ain’t nobody’s slaves. Our freedom was achieved with a lot of sweat and blood, and it would be very naïve to think you could maintain it without sweat and blood.”

“I come here to give a message to all those who still have hope to change the world. The world would be a better place if there weren’t so many people promising to improve it. It’s a quote from a philosopher. …. and that fits perfectly with greater [indecipherable] for example that have supported our socialist president called Lula,” he added.

Vivek Saxena


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