Young rapper who skated after shooting cop bursts into tears when he learns new gun charge

Camrin Williams is a young man of many faces. He’s a drill rapper (allegedly), a Crip (self-professed), and a shooter of cops. But after his latest stunt, he will also be known as a crybaby who sobs when actually faced with consequences.

The 17-year-old, who also goes by the stage name “C Blu,” reportedly began crying after hearing that he will be held on $100,000 bail for a new gun charge. Williams was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly carrying a loaded Bryco Arms 9 mm handgun.

Bronx Assistant District Attorney Alana Brady implored Judge Joseph McCormack to take the new charges against the rapper seriously and cited his being a self-professed gang member as just one of the many reasons he shouldn’t be returned to the streets with no consequences.

“[Williams] is a self-professed member of the Crips,” Brady explained during the arraignment. “[Williams’] social media contains multiple posts with firearms and implications of willingness and ready ability to shoot any member of [the] opposition.”

The teen’s lawyer, Dawn Florio, tried to play up his youth, and convince Judge McCormack that Williams was “traumatized” and “targeted” by the police, and was just trying to call his mommy.

“My client was outside a car,” she argued. “Police comes with their guns out, circling around the block. A lot of video surveillance taken by cameras. Police targeted my client, guns drawn, he was scared for his life. He took out his phone, his hands were up.”

“Prominent drill rapper persona of posting on social media dissing other people,” she continued. “He didn’t get into a fight. He’s scared. He’s really traumatized by the whole event. He lost all his month. He is a boy.”

Fortunately, the judge had the good sense to recognize that Williams is a repeat offender who managed to get away with shooting a police officer, and this wasn’t simply a one-off incident or a momentary lapse in judgment.

“I know this is the third contact [with the criminal justice system,” Judge McCormack said. “This is a serious offense.”

Williams was previously arrested on firearms-related charges, including some that date back to when he was a 14-year-old, showing that old habits are sometimes hard to break.

On January 18, he engaged in a fight with the police which resulted in the gun he was carrying being discharged. The bullet from that gun struck Officer Kaseem Pennant in the leg. The charges stemming from that incident were dropped without explanation, allowing the young man to get back out there and rack up some more gun charges.

Thankfully the justice system appears to be taking this more seriously, though it remains to be seen whether he will actually receive any legal consequences if convicted.

Sierra Marlee


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